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    Originally Posted by gag15 View Post
    I dont get this i want to add new buildings, trees,grass,etc.. but when i follow the direction it messes up all the tiles!

    by the way im using emerald
    Like I said, you can extend the tileset because it will destroy all tiles basically, but if you want to add a new building, look through the tileset and copy down what it has. If your replacing the little house on tileset 1, open the tileset and see what tiles it has there as you can see it doesn't just have the building, it has the tile used to make it. Make sure your using the eyedropper tool to get the right colours. I'll show a picture of what to do when I have the time.

    Originally Posted by Bel-Air View Post
    I dont see english button.
    When you go to Studiopokemon, just click on any link and at the top their should be a little box where a salamence picture is, click on it.

    Heres the guide for gag15.

    Yours might look different but this is simply a guide, though don't edit it too much.
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