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Update 22.07.2007

finally, there are happening some new things to Pokemon IceStorm.
I've worked hard up to eleven hours the last days to achieve a progress. For now, I've nearly finished all the routes of Johto, there are just missing precious few.
In addition to that, we'll start to script in August being able to release a first beta in September. (well, we're not 100% sure)
In this spirit, I hope, you'll have great fun while regarding the latest pictures of the hack.


Route 35:

Route 36:

Route 37:

Route 38:

Route 39:

Route 40:

Route 41:

Route 42:

Route 43:

Route 44:

Route 45:

Route 46:

Route 47:

Teak City:

I hope you'll like these new pictures of my Hack
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