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Yo this is a excellent hack. I thought it was dead but I definatly believe that this will be completed. The route 47 shows that you have gone really far excellent work.One of my favorite places is Blackthorn since Dragon trainers have their roots there. It seems like its going to be great I am so glad that you will not give up on this one.

You got a good chance to make this game really good yo. You have the map and the nice pokemon center and gba graphics, and you also have the nice progressionism. You definatly have what it takes to come out with a very low buggy game and a game that will be out fast so good luck to you.

Also my favorite types are Ice, Dragon and Dark got some others but those are my top 3 favorite types. I also use mostly generation 2 pokemon in my team. So this looks awesome yo since it has Johto, Ice stuff and I can go back to my Dragon Center in Blackthorn.
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