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    This is an interesting topic, Hanako.

    I do think a series is possible, but have to have great planning and many considerations. It would be one adventure after another, which is great because to me, the adventures never end. The character would of course have to be growing with each arc, expanding the personality and actions more.

    I have to agree with you when it comes to setting the series out of order. One of my fics goes into the third while we leave the middle for last. They do say starting with in medias res is always great in writing but takes skill to master.

    One shots very rarely work for me. Like you, I have the tendency to keep adding description into everything, making the poor thing into twenty pages or more. I can't stand summing everything up in a one shot. Personally, I would be left with many questions... to myself. xD

    For the most part, I say to go for it, if you have the patience. I have to work on my patient skills. I'd definitely like to read your upcoming works soon. =D
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