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Welcome to the official Pokémon the Lost World thread, hosted on the PokéCommunity Forums. Thank you for viewing our thread, please be sure to read on and see what our project is about, and the goals we wish to achieve.

Thank you,
Captain Arcane

If you are new to this thread, you are required to read “this” front page before submitting any posts that ask questions pertaining to the game. Anyone that violates any of the rules within here will be reported. There are no warnings in here; if you break the rules, then you break the rules, and you will be reported accordingly.

Game Name: Pokémon the Lost World
Software: Sphere
Language: JavaScript
Designer: Captain Arcane

This game is not a hack it is a game. The fact that this game is in no way altering a rom of any official Pokémon game deems this as a game. There is a difference, and it would be in your best interest to address this as a game, not a hack. Unwillingness to do so may result in unwanted, and unnecessary arguments. Thus, it is requested that you please do not call this a “hack,” but a “game” instead. Thank you.

Listed here are the people that help make this game possible. It is they who put their hard work, and soul into this game; without whom, this game would be nothing more than a fantasy of a fantasy.


Captain Arcane
Project Designer
Game Producer, Game Developer, Game Manager, Lead Mapper, Story Line Producer

Project Leader
Lead Music Composer

Project Leader
Lead Scripter

Virtual Chatot
Project Leader
Website developer

Omega Groudon
Project Leader
Lead Graphics Designer

Atomic Reactor
Project Leader
Overworld Spriter

Project Member
Pokemon Variant Designer

Project Member
Pokemon Variant Designer

Project Member
Pokemon Variant Designer

Project Member
Pokemon Variant Designer

The goal for the team of Pokemon the Lost World is to piece together the scattered world of Pokemon into one world, where there are almost no boundaries, and create a stunning world of imagination and beauty. Not only are we to connect the world of Pokemon, but to connect the players as well. With online capability being possible, we will strive to reach it. The towns are big, the cities are huge, and the routes are perilous. But we are staying true to the franchise. With the exception of new regional and gender variations there are no fake Pokemon. While there will be many secrets in the game that may not be known or true to the Pokemon World, there are some secrets that only few know about and you must overcome life risking obstacles to discover them.

This game represents two things: our love of Pokémon, and our immeasurable gratitude towards Nintendo. Because without whom, our lives would have been different beyond comprehension, and it is them who we strive to amaze. It is Nintendo who has brought us together. And it is Nintendo that we all owe our thanks.

Every single Pokémon fan has envisioned a game like this. But throughout Pokémon’s history, this has been nothing more than a fantasy of a fantasy; something that we all dreamed about, but could never obtain it… but not any more. With the determination, and spirit from the team, and all of our loyal fans, this game gets closer each day to becoming something “more” than a fantasy, an experience.

With the help from the team, and of course the fans of Pokémon the Lost World, we will achieve our goal, and bring to the fans the world of Pokémon, like never before. But we must remember who made this possible, and why we are doing it.

Not only that, but we must realize that this will take time, and much effort. This game is on the brink of impossible, but we are here to take the challenge, and we are also here to win it.

In conclusion, the staff of Pokémon the Lost World, and I, Captain Arcane, please ask for your support, and patience. You are the backbone to this project, because without the fans, Pokémon itself would be nothing.

Thank you Nintendo, and thank you loyal Fans,
Pokémon the Lost World Staff
Captain Arcane

All current events will be written here. Be sure to check back here often for current news, on the progress of the game, or anything pertaining to it.

[01/18/09] – Thread Reopened!
The thread has been reopened; community posts, and updates can now continue. This is not a sign to post as many questions as you like. There are new rules and regulations that you must follow; please read up on them to understand how things will be run around here.

All recent events will be written here, including links to past updates. Please note that updates before this new front page will not be recorded.

[Late October 2008] – Style Change!
The game's tile style has been changed to Kyledove’s, in order to allow more detail, and a softer tone to the game. All maps will now be made in Kyledove’s tile style hence forth.

[Fall 2008] – Affiliation Announcement!
Great News! It is with great pleasure that I announce that, the Pokémon Orchestral Arrangement and the Pokémon the Lost World have combined our talents, and are now affiliated with each other! For those of you who do not know, Pokémon Orchestral Arrangement (POA), is a team of highly skilled composers who are recreating all of the Pokémon music ever featured in the official games. With high quality soundfounts, you will hear music like never before.

Please be sure to check out their homepage and learn more about their project:
Pokémon Orchestral Arrangement Homepage


All upcoming events will be written here. Be sure to check back often for news about upcoming updates, and events.

- New In Game Screenshots
- Updated Front Page News, Media, Features and more
- Viridian City Conversion
- Viridian Forest

Here is the underlining beginning of the story. Due to the fact that I am reluctant to reveal the complete storyline because of spoilers, this is only a brief description of the character you will play, who they are, main characters, and the beginning of the game.

Brief Description

Beginning in the small rural village of Pallet Town, you grew up there as a child. Pallet Town is also the hometown to your four friends and rivals Ash, Gary, Laura, and Neesha; it is the perfect place for aspiring Pokémon Trainers.

Main Characters Bios

Ash Ketchum: Son to Delia Ketchum, Ash was born and raised in Pallet Town. His immediate rival is Gary Oak. On Kanto's Trainer Initiation Day, he shows up late to recieve his Pokémon from Prof. Oak, and winds up getting a Pikachu, instead of one of the three original starters; Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Gary Oak: Grandson to Prof. Oak, and younger brother to Daisy Oak, he is Ash's main rival. His parents died in a car crash when he was young, and has since been cared for by his grandfather. He also receives a different Pokémon other than the prescribed Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle; and is given an Evee by Prof. Oak.

Laura Sarabail: Raised by her father, she is an outgoing character, and somewhat of a tomboy at times. She is a noteworthy psychic, which Prof. Oak believes to be a trait from her late mother, and receives a Bulbasuar, one of the three starters given out by Prof. Oak., and her main rival is Neesha.

Neesha Elleborn: Immediate rival to Laura, Neesha is a strong girl, who is loves to turn the tables on her opponents. She lives in Pallet Town with her mother and father. She receives a Squirtle given out by Prof. Oak.

The Beginning
As the screen fades to black, the subtle sound of a car engine can be heard. As the screen begins to fade in, the image of a dashboard, and passing by trees come into view.

After a few seconds…

Cab Driver: “So, headed to Pallet Town are ya’? They get some nice weather I hear. A bit too country for me, if ya’ don’t mind me saying.” Says the friendly cab driver.

Cab Driver: “I hear some professor lives, and conducts research there. He’s a Pokémon researcher I believe; goes by the name of Prof. Oak? A pretty famous guy I hear too, but I wouldn’t know. I’m not to into the whole Pokémon training craze. My son loves ’em though.” Explains the driver.

As you continue to down the dark road, you can begin to see lights far in the distance; it’s Pallet Town.

Cab Driver: “My name is Harris by the way. It’s always nice to be able to talk with my customers. It gets pretty lonely sometimes, even though I see people constantly.” You sit there quietly, just listening to the kind driver.

As the driver takes the small cab through a patch of shadow, you remerge to the pleasant view of Pallet Town.

Cab Driver: “Well, this looks like your stop! It was nice talking with ya’; most people don’t like talking with cab drivers. They act as if we don’t really exist, or something. I don’t know why though, it’s not as if I’m some blabber mouth…”

As the screen fades to black, it reopens to reveal you standing outside a small house, with the shuddering black taxi cab waiting for the signal to depart.

Cab Driver: “It was nice talking with ya’ (insert character name), maybe we’ll see each other again sometime, eh?”

The cab gives a little honk, and slowly drives off screen. You walk into the small house.

-- You’re home.

This sections hosts the new features that will be incorporated within the game. These features may change at one time or another; depending on the overall review and acceptance it has on the fan base. Also, please note that work within this section is not necessarily complete. This is just of a list of for-sure features that will make its way into the game.

General Features
- All Regions: Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, Fiore, Almia, and Sinnoh. (listed in order of player progression)
- All 493 Pokémon

This feature takes on the role as the real-life “Biodiversity.” This feature will incorporate Pokémon that look different depending on where they are from, and their habitat. This will also affect Pokémon stats as well, and you will also see visual differences between Pokémon of the same species. This feature is being used to add variety to the game, and make your journey as a Pokémon Trainer more meaningful.

Online Capability
From recent discussions, it has come to the attention to some sphere users that online capability is more than possible, but has a catch. Due to the fact that if someone where to play a sphere game online, they would host their own world, from their computer. Which will eventually lead up to immense delay/lag while playing with many people. So, in order to help prevent that, we are contemplating the maximum amount of people that should be allowed in a person’s game. We are not saying that it is impossible to have online capability, but that you will only be able to connect with a certain amount of people/friends at one point in time.

Remember, we are still creating this system, and anything said here could change at any moment, so don’t set this in stone, and don’t take it with a grain of salt. Just keep in mind that this is what seems to be the viable way of doing things, and remember to not over excite yourself for something that could change.

Pokémon Breeding
Pokémon Breeding is a major element in this game, mainly because it allows players to interact more with PokéDiversity. Not only that, breeding Pokémon will have much more elements added to it so that it won’t just be a game of chance, but a system of determining which Pokémon you want to obtain. Also, by making it so that each Pokémon Egg resembles the Pokémon it will hatch into, Pokémon Eggs will become more valuable than ever.

4-8 Moves
When your Pokémon grow stronger, and rise in level, they will attain the right to learn more four moves. Much like in the anime, Pokémon were not limited by the amount of moves they could learn, but more of the trainer’s willingness to help his/her Pokémon grow stronger. Pokémon the Lost World will feature a balanced system were each Pokémon will be able to learn up to 8 moves total, but only by reaching a certain criteria.

Move Levels
This is one of the most surprising, and enjoyable elements that will be offered in Pokémon the Lost World. Each move that a Pokémon can learn will have levels. Each move starts at level 1, and as the trainer builds that particular Pokémon, and uses it in more battle, its moves will rise in strength. So, the more you use particular a move, the stronger it becomes. Each move has a maximum level of 10, but there is more to it than numbers and levels.

Level 1 is below average; and by that, it means in comparison to the official games. All moves that are lower than level 5 are below their average strength when compared to the original games, and any level above 5 (6-10) is above average. So, once one of your Pokémon knows a move that is at level 5, it has the same strength and power as it would have in the official games.

The level of a Pokémon’s move affects it’s power, power points, and effective ness, and also the kinds of effects it has on the defending Pokémon. And as you Pokémon’s moves become stronger, it will have adverse affects on the battlefield.

Also, Hidden Machines, and Technical Machines that can be used outside of battle are greatly affected by this feature. Moves like Surf, Flash, Fly, and Dive will perform differently depending on their level, and you will gain access to more areas by improving their levels.

But gaining levels for moves is no simple task; it requires dedication, effort, and time. This feature then allows people to have more control, and flexibility over their party/team. And depending on how much time each person is willing to spend on their Pokémon, determines their strength much like before; but on a whole different level.

Hotel Rooms
Every player is given a Hotel Room; a place where they can create their own living space and environment that will reflect their personality and life style. Certain towns and cities have hotels, and like previously said, each character receives a basic room.

But as you gain more money you can upgrade your rooms, by purchasing larger sizes. Each room has its own features, and the bigger/better ones you buy, will feature more things, e.g. Pokémon Storage Access, Online Trading Access, Virtual Shopping, and many more.

So by upgrading your own hotel room, you will be able to access more things, and be able to do many more things. But upgrading is not cheap, and some upgrades require more things than just money. It doesn’t matter which city you are in; any city/town that has a hotel can be used to visit your own room.

Another great aspect of Hotel Rooms is that they are almost completely customizable. When you visit cities and towns, you can stop by at their local furniture stores and see what they have to offer. And each city/town, (if they have a furniture store) sells different things than each other. Of course there are general styles of furniture that can be bought at almost any city/town, but there are also rare styles, and furniture sets to obtain. But it is up to the player to choose which style they prefer that symbolizes them.

You will also be able to visit friends Hotel Rooms, and can trade furniture with one another, in order to optimize a virtual community. From wallpaper, to flooring, you can tailor your room to your liking.

Here, concepts that are being worked on are displayed for user, and fan viewing. All work within this section is not considered finished work. Most work stored within this section is specification documents. Anyone wishing to get an idea of the inner workings of the game is welcome to take a look, and see how Pokémon the Lost World will be played.

Battle System
The battle system in Pokémon the Lost World will feature a whole new take on how you will battle against other Pokémon and trainers. We are incorporating many new, and original ideas for the system. One of the main focuses for the battle system is the “Time” factor. Your Pokémon’s speed will have a whole new take on how battling will be performed.

Each Pokemon that participates in a battle has a meter, called the “Time Meter.” When the meter is empty, your Pokémon is allowed to perform a move. But, depending on your Pokémon’s speed, the meter will deplete at a certain speed. So in affect, the higher the speed stat of one of your Pokémon, the faster they will be able to attack.

Which also means that you could attack an opponent more than one time depending on how fast your Pokémon’s speed is compared to the defending Pokémon. This alone allows for more decisive battles, and actually requires the player to pay attention during the battle. This is one of the many features that will truly test your capability as a Pokémon Trainer. Though it is still turn-based, it throws in a wild card type effect that can turn the tables in any battle.

Here we display the list of maps that will be made public, and also the images of completed maps. All maps are saved as JPEG’s to prevent artwork theft. Please take note that these maps are very big, and they may take a while to load, depending on your Internet connection. But thankfully, because they are saved as JPEG’s, they will not take as long to load as some other images might take.

Pallet Town

Route 1
Route 2
Route 3

All screenshots, and videos are displayed within this section. Recent images will appear outside a spoiler box, while previous images will appear within a spoiler box. Please note that all images are saved as JPEG’s to prevent artwork theft.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Pokémon the Lost World. If you are new to the idea of this game, please read over these questions, they are very helpful.
Q: When will this game be released?
A: When it is finished. Asking this question is also against forum rules and regulations, and any question pertaining to this will result in a report.

Q: Where are you guys, there hasn’t been an update in a long time?
A: We are still here, and we are still working. Updates are not something that should happen every day, or every week even. The game’s progress and thread updates are planned together. It is a big thing to update, and it is not something that should be taken lightly. Thread updates require much planning, and proportional scheduling. Please do not rush us, quality is key, and nothing good will come out of rushing something as delicate as this.

A: Do not do this, it is considered spam. Even though we are delighted at the fact that you are so thrilled about the game, it is no reason to break forum rules. Any posts like this will be reported, and could result in serious consequences.

Those are the three most frequent posts that appear on this thread. Please be sure to not ask such things, as you will be reported for doing so.

Here are the rules to the thread. Breaking these rules may result in serious consequences, so be sure to read all these rules, and be on your best behavior. Also, please be advised that all official forum rules established by the PokéCommunity are still in affect, and there is absolutely no reason to break said rules.

1. If you are new to this thread, you are required to read over all rules pertaining to this thread before submitting any posts that ask questions pertaining to this game. Anyone that violates any of the rules within here will be reported. There are no warnings in here; if you break the rules, then you break the rules, and you will be reported accordingly.
2. Do not continually ask about features in the game, as it is very tiresome to reply to each and every one. Not only that, it may ruin surprises that have been planned. We are not saying you cannot ask questions, but please be considerate for those who have to answer your questions, and everyone else’s. Remember, you’re not the only one asking questions, so try to keep it to a minimum.
3. Do not start arguments with anyone within this thread. To many instances have occurred were petty disputes between users have escalated into ridiculous fights over something stupid. Causing, or provoking any fight, argument, or flame war will result in immediate action by report, and moderator. Unwillingness to stop fighting will only make matters worse.
4. Do not spam. Even though this rule is covered in the pre-established rules set by the PokéCommunity, we must emphasize that this is rule is of the most importance. Disregarding this rule is highly frowned upon, and we ask you to please follow directions, and avoid spamming.
5. Do not post a message asking to become a member, or showing work, or an application. There are set regulations and steps to becoming a staff member. Inability to follow these rules will result in a report.

Thank you for reading these rules, and we hope (for your sake) that you abide by these rules, and the already set rules of the PokéCommunity.

Thank you for your compliance,
Captain Arcane

Do you have ideas that you wish to see in a Pokémon game? Have you always wanted to do something you were never able to do in one? Well here’s your chance!

If you have any ideas that you think would be a great addition to the world of Pokémon, then we encourage you to contact us. Contact information is shown near the bottom of this post. Please be advised that you must send all ideas to Captain Arcane.

Do you want to become a staff member of the Pokemon the Lost World Team? If so ask yourself these questions:
· What position do I want to be in?
· Is the position I desire open for applications?
· Am I good, or do I have the skills to do what I want to do?
· Do I have proof of my skill(s)?
· Will I be able to follow orders, and handle criticism?
· Am I willing to put my best foot forward, and not give up?
· Why do I want to join the Pokémon the Lost World Team?
· Do I feel that my contribution to the game will have a positive impact?
· Do I believe a project like this is possible?
· More importantly, do I believe in myself?

If you answered any of those questions with second thoughts, or are not sure; then we suggest that you are not ready, or fit to be a staff member. But, if you answered those questions full heartedly, and truly believe; then you might have what it takes.

Steps Required for Submitting Applications

If you are ready to send in an application, then follow these steps.

First thing to do is to get your application ready for submission. In order to do so, you are required to follow this set format.

Application Format

Name: (username; you may also give us your real name as well)
Gender: (you must fill-out this field)
Position Title: (must be a listed open position)
Email address: (you must have an email address)
Instant Messenger: (note, all members are suggested to have MSN, which is what I, and the other team members use, and please write each of your contacts next to each corresponding instant messenger you have)
Aim: contact here
MSN: contact here
ICQ: contact here
Yahoo: contact here
Skype: contact here
Gmail: contact here
Other: contact here

Experience in this field: (you must fill-out this field)

Examples of your work: (you must fill-out this field)

Details about yourself: (just for interaction purposes, this is a family more than a team)

Steps and Guidelines

Follow these step in order to successfully send in an application form, and to receive a response. Application deliberation is a steady process, and can sometimes take a while, so please be patient.
· Send me (Captain Arcane) a personal message labeled “Application.” Any application sent without this title will be discarded, and you will not be notified of your results.
· Copy the application format (shown above), into the text box, and fill out each field.
· Re-read your application at least 10 times, and be on the lookout for typos and any fields that you may have missed to fill out.
· Make sure that the message is addressed to Captain Arcane, and no one else.
· Send application.

Please note that any field that is left unattended will result in your application being discarded, and you will not be notified of any results.

We also retain the right to not specify if why your application was declined. By doing so, it helps prevents arguments, and confrontations.

We hold a strong stance on personal identity confidentiality, and any given information will not be shared with any other people besides the project designers, and project leaders.

Thank you; by following these set guidelines, your application should hopefully be accepted. But in the event that you are declined, do not be angry. Look at it as an opportunity to improve your skills. And when you feel like you’re ready, send in another application, and we will deliberate it just as before. Re-applying applicants will receive the same treatment as new applying applicants, thus all deliberations are uniformly evaluated.

Interior Designer
Status: Open
Desire: Very High
Skill Requirements: Excellent Pixel Art Skill
Resource Requirements: Any art creating software; Microsoft Paint, Photo Shop, etc…
Description: This position entails the employer to create custom furniture, edits of pre-made furniture, as well as furniture styles. This position is very important because it works directly with the Hotel Feature of the game. It is these people who will make all the new, and unique styles of furniture that players will be able to collect, and place throughout their rooms. This position also goes hand in hand with the Interior Decorator position.

Interior Decorator
Status: Open
Desire: Very High
Skill Requirements: An artistic eye for designing indoor building layouts.
Resource Requirements: Sphere Editor software, any general art creating software would be recommended for concepts.
Description: This position allows its employer to decorate, and design floor layouts for buildings. This position is in high demand, mainly because of the quantity of buildings that will be featured in this game. People will be instructed on how to create maps in the Sphere Editor, and will work along side Concept Cartographers and Captain Arcane. This position also goes hand in hand with the Interior Designer position.

Concept Cartographer
Status: Open
Desire: Low
Skill Requirements: Definitive art and layout skills, and an understanding of balance and flow within maps.
Resource Requirements: Any general art creating software, or a scanner to scan concepts for discussion and reflection.
Description: This position is incredibly unstable. Because of the assurance of quality that this game insures, countless people have applied for this position, but none have made the cut. This is also the hardest position to fill. Concept Cartographers must understand the balance and flow of maps, and how to correctly distribute objects, and entities, without generating repetition, and predictability within maps. Please not that Concept Cartographers do not create actual maps they create concepts. If at one point someone is hired to this position, and shows impressive skill at it, they may become an actual mapper. But do to the quality that this game insures, it doesn’t seem likely, but would be greatly wanted.

Tile Artist
Status: Open
Desire: Average
Skill Requirements: Definitive skill at creating tiles through pixel art.
Resource Requirements: Any general art creating software
Description: A Tile Artist creates tiles that will be used for maps, e.g. trees, buildings, etc… This position is very hard to fill, due to the quality that this game insures. People wishing to apply for this should be able to take a high amount of criticism, and at the same time, keep a positive attitude. This position has a stop-and-go type feel to it, because at one point, you will be working, and then later, you wont be at all.

Overworld Spriter
Status: Open
Desire: High
Skill Requirements: Definitive skill at creating entities through pixel art.
Resource Requirements: Any general art creating software, Sphere Editor software
Description: This position entitles its employer to be able to produce high quality entities (people, Pokémon, etc…) for use in maps. People who fill this position will need to be able to endure repetitive work, and criticism. They will not only create new overworld sprites, but will also create variants of them as well. Due to the size of this game, repetition in visual eminence is highly frowned upon, and it our desire to create as many visually and pleasing sprites as possible to try and avoid repetition within the Pokémon World. Overworld Spriters will also need the Sphere Editor software to be able to test each individual sprite to insure that it’s quality upholds to set standards, and that each Overworld Spriter can accumulate their work, in order to send it to the project designer; in order to reduce time wasting addition. People who are accepted into this position will be briefed on how, and what to do.

Character Sprite Alterator
Status: Open
Desire: High
Skill Requirements: Adequate skill in editing colors for character sprites
Resource Requirements: Any general art creating software
Description: This position requires the employer to create numerous color edits of any given character sprite, and they will also edit clothes as well.

Custom Character Sprite Designer
Status: Open
Desire: High
Skill Requirements: Definitive skill at creating custom character sprites
Resource Requirements: Any general art creating software
Description: This position requires the employer to create custom models for character sprites, male and female. This is a very hard position to fill because it requires great skill at creating characters that match the style of the game, as well as the rest of the characters as well.

Attire Designers
Status: Open
Desire: Very High
Skill Requirements: Fashion design, Definitive skill at creating custom clothes
Resource Requirements: Any general art creating software
Description: An Attire Designer creates different types of clothing wearable by the players in the game. They will only have to create one model for each clothing piece, because a Character Sprite Alterator will take the role of producing different colors of it. Though, we are not restricting the Attire Designer from doing it themselves, they just can if they want. Though, this position takes a lot of skill to fill, and we lust for anyone with great talent at creating fashionable cloth styles for Pokémon Trainers.

Pokémon Variant Designer
Status: Open
Desire: Average
Skill Requirements: Comprehension of Biodiversity, and the three types of evolution: divergent, convergent, and parallel
Resource Requirements: pen and paper
Description: A Pokemon Variant Designer creates variants of the original 493 Pokémon, by creating realistic reasons for why a specific Pokémon has changed. This feature is known as PokéDiversity. People that understand why Pokémon would change due to their environment, and can create convincing reasons for why they may; we implore you to apply. This is an important position that requires people with the “brains” for it to work well.

Pokémon Information Researcher
Status: Open
Desire: High
Skill Requirements: Comprehension of the Pokémon world, along with the games, and the anime.
Resource Requirements: Self explanatory
Description: Pokémon Information Researchers search for information relating to particular subjects within the Pokémon world, in order to create consistency throughout the game. This position is basically open for anyone, but it probably wont be enjoyable unless “you” want to do this particular task. People within this position will probably spend a good portion of time watching anime, or maybe replaying parts of certain games; depending on whatever the task at hand calls for. Either way, each employer within this position will be given list of websites that offer reliable information on almost any subject pertaining to the Pokémon world.

Virtual Chatot
Omega Groudon
Atomic Reactor
Fangking Omega

Banners and anything else supportive are held here. We also accept banners and any other supportive work from fans. Contact Captain Arcane via personal message if you wish to submit any supportive artwork.

Thank you.