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Originally Posted by Short Range View Post
I think once I tried using the same numbers for a person to give you a Pikachu holding an oran Berry in FR but It came as a Vulpix holding a nest ball...

Is there something wrong with my ROM?
Nope, you just make counfusion bewtween decimal and hex.
I'm sure you used something like this:

givepokemon 0x25 0x5 8B

Well, when you omit "0x" before the number it will be trated as a decimal one. Otherwhise it will be trated as hex.
Vulpix is #39, which in hex is 0x25. Pikachu, instead, is #25 which in hex is 0x19. For the item, the problem is the opposite since you omitted the "0x". And since the "B" letter doesn't exists in decimal, it will be skipped or not interpreted at least.

Use this:

givepokemon 0x19 0x5 0x8B
or if you prefer the decimal system:

givepokemon 25 5 139
Keep in mind that such question should be asked in the "Simple Questions" thread or in the "Script Sharing/Request/Discussion" one. Oh, and remember that the Windows Calc can convert between Hex and Dec, just go to View -> Scientific.