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What this guide is for: I figure I may as well, this will help out anyone who is willing to battle many Pokemon in hopes of finding a shiny. This is also helpful if you're EV training something.

WARNING: The following will usually require a lot of patience and time, you will not just expect a shiny patch to come up just because you want it to. If you are impatient I'd hold off trying to do this. Remember this will just give people new to chaining a general idea on how to go about doing so.


What is Chaining?
Chaining is using the Pokeradar to encounter the same Pokemon many times, this is usually done because it increases the chance of finding an Alternate Color (or shiny) Pokemon.

What is an Alternate Color Pokemon? I thought they were called Shiny Pokemon?
They are both, Game Freak calls them Alternate Color Pokemon, as you can see when you're looking through the words you can choose when people want to interview you, I first noticed this in Ruby. So either term is correct. (Personally I prefer Shiny.)

How long does it take to find a Shiny Pokemon?
It depends, some times it can take 20 minutes, half an hour, an hour, or even longer depending on the Pokemon. Without the Pokeradar, it could take months, years, or otherwise. The normal rate of finding a shiny is about 1/8192... (thanks Shurikenway)
this just in I was chaining Chansey, and it appears the normal rate to find a Shiny will still be in effect, I walked into a patch and a Shiny Chansey just came up out of no where O_O. I must say either further analysis is needed or something. in that case, this is the first Pokemon game where I have encountered more than one shiny in the normal wild chances.

What are some good Pokemon to practice this on?
Swarming Pokemon, They have a good appearance rate and are easy to find and don't break while chaining as often.
Common Pokemon, Such as Bidoof, Starly, ect.

Where can I chain?
Anywhere in the grass, chaining doesn't work in caves, water, surfing, fishing, or any other method, finding shinies in other places than the grass with the Pokeradar is just luck.

Are Shiny Pokemon special in any way?
No, they are just really rare and many will do ANYTHING to get a shiny. I've heard in the past (Gold Silver and Crystal) they were more powerful, I can't exactly prove or disprove that, because I heard only the Gyarados that was predetermined to be shiny was more powerful because it had preset values.

Should I even bother doing this?
That's up to you.
Required: Pokeradar (make sure you register this to the Y button), Lots of Repels, (I prefer Super Repels, they cost 500 and I don't see the point in wasting a few dollars more for 50 more steps.) A Pokemon that is on a high level and can KO about 40 Pokemon. (make sure the level is around/above what you're trying to KO) Lots of your favorite type of ball, I myself prefer Quick/Master balls (I used a Master Ball once, it was on a shiny Beldum, it's recommended you use Master Balls on Pokemon that can flee or can kill themselves.)

Useful: a Synchronizer, this will increase the chance of fighting a Pokemon with that same nature, good if you want a good natured Shiny. A Pokemon that can induce status conditions, this can be helpful to catch your Pokemon. 1 or 2 empty slots in your Party, so you can check it's nature and such. Pokemon with abilities such as "Cute Charm, Magnet Pull, Static." are more likely to effect the patches you're going into, Magnet pull is good for Steel types, Static for electric types, and Cute Charm for certain genders. If your opposing Pokemon has Roar, try using Sound Proof Pokemon to fight them so they can't get away. Poketch Application 20, so you know how many Pokemon you've chained.

Starting Out The best Method in my opinion would be to A.)Save in the patch of grass you desire to hunt in. B.)Throw on a Repel then save in the grass.

Now, make sure your Pokeradar is registered to the Y button for easy access, you'll be using it a lot. Press Y, enter a Patch. Find the Pokemon you want, if not soft reset then press Y again. (that's how I do it.)

Make sure you find a patch, and the next patch should be at least 3 grass bushes away from the next patch that is shaking just like the one you stepped in the first time...

Things to take note of while chaining
Remember where the patches shook, you want to be able to go as many steps as needed to reset the radar without messing up your chain. Find a safe row and walk around till the radar says you have (1-10) steps before it's fully charged, then walk around in a few patches and head usually toward the middle, and reset. You'll be doing this often, and if you miss which patches shook where... take caution because your chain will likely break.

Keep throwing on repels when they wear off, if not you will likley encounter a wild Pokemon like normal and your chain, once again, will be gone.

Lets say I'm on route 201... (I play as the girl because I don't like the looks of the male in this game...)

Ok, lets say I am chaining Starly, now where I am standing I have just defeated Starly and the pokeradar goes off and the patches shake once more.

Lets say those 4 Patches shake, (I know it's impractical, but this is just to give you a general Idea.) The patches that shake most like the one you first stepped in are your best bet, and they should be at least 3 bushes away as you can see in the image, they are, and those would all be what I consider safe spots... if you think those shook like the first patch you entered, go for it and you should see the same Pokemon.

NEVER STEP ON THE PATCHES THAT ARE MARKED IN AN X, these will usually break the chain and will make your hard work go away...
Red Circles/Black Circles are generally safe to step in.
This picture shows in grey the patches I feel you should be cautious of, if these shake I usually like to avoid them since they tend to break the chain, just keep a good heads up and you'll be fine. The only reason I say to be cautious is because I've had chains quite often break, most of the time stepping on those patches will be OK.

So you've chained 40, what do you do now?
You have 3 options.
A. Walk around and reset the radar, wait till you find a shiny patch, go into patch, encounter Pokemon, catch, save, continue on with you life.
B. Walk around reset the radar, wait till you find a shiny patch, go into the patch, encounter the Pokemon, catch, go to find more patches and wait for another shiny to show up, save, continue with your life.
C. Keep encountering Pokemon until a Shiny Patch comes up.

Different Types of Patches, which patches are which? and what to look out for.

Normal Patch: These rustle, don't turn yellow at all, and usually contain common Pokemon, the further the patch is, the more likely it could be a rare Pokemon.

Quickly Shaking Patch:These appear yellow in color and are patches rustling wildly, these usually contain Pokeradar only Pokemon, and are usually harder to keep track of when chaining, be cautious.

Shiny Patches: I've seen different patches many times, some say they glow blue or change color, I personally have only seen patches that sparkle twice, they are much different from other patches and are usually an easy to notice event. These are the patches you want to be looking for.

What causes Chains to break?
It's kind of complex sometimes, like I'll go into a shiny patch, catch the Pokemon and the chain ends... I don't always know what causes it, but usually chains break if you go into a bad patch or if you go out of range...

Other General Notes
It's easier to chain when there isn't a weather condition going on, such as rain, snow, sandstorm, ect.

When using a Synchronizer (if it's lower than the level you're in.) make sure you turn towards the patch that is shiny before entering, I lost a shiny patch when I turned next to one and a Buizel showed up.

Real time will not effect the patches that shook, if you want to take a break, make sure you do it in battle, or make a diagram so you know which patches shook where before you left, it's good to plug in your DS and leave it in sleep mode just in case.

If you're chaining and you wish to continue further with the same Pokemon, try to bring PP restoring items, Leppa berries are a blessing when it comes to this.

In case you didn't know already you can keep track of how many Pokemon you've chained by looking at Poketch application 20.

Look at the radar before you step into a patch, as you're stepping into it, you can know before hand if your chain is going to break or not, if the screen fades black, that means it will keep going, if the Pokemon you're chaining (the icon) disappears from the top of the watch screen, then your chain has broke.

When you're out chaining certain types, certain abilities can help, use Static for Electric Pokemon, Magnet Pull for steel types... and check other things on Ability guides, those are the only 2 I know of.


NEVER Bring a Pokemon that knows Teleport as a Synchronizer... unlike in Red and Blue when you could answer Yes or No to the "Do you want to warp to the last Pokemon center..." you just go... >.< I lost a shiny because of this and no one should have to have that happen to them...

NEVER Bring a Pokemon with Sweet Scent

NEVER Bring a Pokemon that is too low in level, because you could accidentally turn in a patch and encounter a Pokemon you don't want to encounter... be careful about your Party line up...

NEVER Bring a Pokemon that could use a move like Roar or Whirlwind... obvious as to why... you could slip up like that it's not hard to...

Even though I find it highly unlikely... avoid use of Destiny Bond.

NEVER Use a rare candy on a Pokemon, this will cause the radar to reset for some reason, I don't know... but when you use the rare candy, you wont see where the patches shake because it goes straight back to the bag when you are done using it.

Good General Tips to ensure good long chains
Good Moves to have at your disposal
False Swipe (good for catching your Shiny Pokemon.)

Spore (makes it really easier to catch the Shiny Pokemon.)

moves with High PP

Take advantage of types when chaining when possible, if you're chaining steel Pokemon bring a fire type with fire attacks... well you know weakness and such, so I shouldn't have to go too in depth...

Bring a high level Pokemon, this will help ensure the chain doesn't break.

If you're chaining Pokemon with moves like Roar, you can bring a Pokemon with Sound Proof (I find Mime Jr. good for this, since he has Encore and Sound Proof.)

If you're chaining Pokemon with Explosion, bring a Pokemon with the Damp ability, that makes it impossible to use Explosion.

Careful while having Eggs in your party, when they hatch the radar could reset on you once you've found your shiny patch, that's the only thing I can think of as why not to carry them around while chaining. Hatching eggs resets the radar, so... carry them if you must, but it's risky.

If I missed anything feel free to tell me, and if you have any questions, you may ask. I will try to answer them the best I can.
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