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    Creating New Tiles:
    There is one trick in AdvanceMap that is very helpful, but it requires patience.
    In the games there are some tilesets that are just wierd glitched tiles. You can easily make them into tiles you want. The tilesets usually are after 50.
    • Choose the display grid option in block editor. (Only in newer versions)
    • Save the tileset.
    • Open it up in paint, there should be all these sqaures with tiles in them. If you load it again the lines from the squares will actually show up in the tile.
    • Delete everything inside all the squares. Now you should have a tileset with nothing but squares.
    • Get the tile you want, it could even be a new house without the struggle of placing the tiles in the correct order. It could even be a massive building you couldn't make on an original tileset.
    • Copy it, and paste it into your tileset. Arrange it so that it fits into the tiles without a little bit overlapping anywhere.
    • Add anything else you need in the tileset and load it. But remember at the end to delete all the rest of the lines.

    You should have your own building complete there, but the bit about patience comes in now.

    You have to order and arrange all the tiles yourself. Sorry, but thats the way it has to be .

    Screenshots will be added soon.
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