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Name: Steven (off of Steven Tyler)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Occupation: Musician
Appearance: Steven wears a blue baseball cap that is beat up on the brim. His hair is long and flows down to about to below ear length. It's a dark brown, but in some spots you can see a brighter shade of brown. Most likely to become his first gray spots. His nose is wide but not long and his mouth is thin and usually in a smile. His eyes are a dark blue and can strike the greatest sense of happiness into anyone who stares into them. He has a pronounced jaw which makes him appear more masculine. Steven usually wears a striped blue button up shirt but leaves most of his chest showing. He has a moon pendant that his mother gave him that sits on top of his muscular chest. He wears the usual loose blue jeans that go down below his ankle and are torn at the bottom from dragging on the ground all the time. He wears comfortable tennis shoes that he bought in the city. Steven stands tall at 6' 5" and has a muscular figure.
Personality: Steven is usually very kind to people, but when they get bothersome, he snaps like a twig and goes all out on the insults. He likes water and the beach because it's so romantic and beutiful. He usually doesn't want to be bothered when writing his music so it's best to leave him alone during then. He likes to write rock love songs but usually doesn't because it's to kooshy.
History: Steven began playing the guitar when he was 4 and had a lot of trouble learning on his own. He didn't have a lot of money as a kid, so he could afford lessons. When he became 15 his parents decided to let him go travel to perform but before he left, his mother gave him a moon pendant to remember her by. As he was traveling he met other musicians, a drummer and singer. They joined forces and became "Killer Kings". After 4 years traveling with his band, he decided to settle down in a small villiage where he lives now.
Relationships: N/A

Hope you like him, he's all I have right now. I'll add on to things later if needed.