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Name: Almond Brimestone
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Occupation: Innkeeper ( I always thought this would be fun to do~ [/weird])

Appearance: Almond is rather simple when it comes to appearance. She has blonde layered hair that goes to her shoulders with bangs that she normally keeps to the side. Almond's eyes have almost a crimson red tint in the light though they are actually almond in color. Her expressions are always very animated and cheerful, it's very rare that she's found in a bad mood. She stands at about 6"3 and has an average build with a slighly large bust. She isn't dainty nor is she muscular, though she is pretty strong but not farming material in the least. Almond's very fond of long sleeve outfits and is usually seen with a navy colored sweater or turtleneck. She loves to wear grey colored jeans as well along with her black and white tennis shoes. In the summer though, she wears either a black or red tank with denim shorts. Other than the standard things, Almond has a black watch on her left arm to keep track of her 'schedule'.

Personality: Almond Brimestone is a happy-go-lucky woman who loves to chat and socialize with others at the Inn. Depression and unhappiness aren't two of her personalities and she can get a little too carefree at times. She loves amusing herself with something, and if something doesn't come along, she'll amuse herself at someone else's expense. She loves meeting new people and loves to keep the Inn in tiptop shape. Almond isn't one to ever get mad, unless you do something to cause disruption in the Inn, but even then she won't get seriously upset. She's not one to take anything truely seriously either, so she's the last person you'd want to talk to about something serious or depression because all you'll get is a carefree response. She is a good listener though when it comes to letting out some steam or just random chats. Overall, Almond loves to make a happy atmosphere and listening to her radio.

History: Almond has lived in the village ever since she was born. She inherited the Inn from her mother's side of the family. Her father died in a car crash in he city when she was ten so Almond took it upon herself to help out her mother run the Inn. When she was seventeen, her mother remarried a man from the city. Of course, they invited her to come live in the city with them, but Almond felt that it was her duty to run the Inn. She's never been real fond of the city since her father died, so she's never gone to visit the city, but has always heard from travelers about it and letters from her mother.

Relationships: Aria- stepsister

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