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Okay, so they're works in progress. XD

Name: Kyle Seyf
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Occupation: Traveling performer - illusionist

Appearance: Kyle is a brown haired, green eyed teen with a 5'9" body that shows little hint of a muscular frame. In fact he is quite thin. His hair is usually styled so that his bangs cover his right eye, and he has a ponytail tied that goes down to his shoulders, like the rest of his hair. He has two main outfits, one for when he performs, and another more casual outfit. The performance outfit consists of a black cloak with a cloak lined with what are supposedly rubies, an even more rubies flowing down a seam down the center of the torso. Whether or not he wears the hood over his head or not is dependent on his preference, and the cloak is tied around his waist by a crimson sash. The cloak is generally packed full with props for his show, including the golden ring shaped like a snake around his finger. He refers to the ring as the key to his secrets, though he never reveals to anyone why. His casual outfit consists of a bland pair of navy blue jeans, and a black hoodie with a white shirt visible ever so slightly underneath. He also has a pair of black running shoes, and the snake ring is still present on his right index finger. Accompanying both outfits, he wears a golden earring shaped like a cross on his right ear.

Personality: Somewhat more enthusiastic than his sister, Kyle enjoys being the center of attention, and has an easygoing, laid back personality. He prefers to not have life get him down, and creates ways to take his mind off misfortune when ever it arises, which it does when you travel across the country in a horse drawn, covered wagon with your twin sister and a little girl who thinks of you as her brother. He is constantly competing with Kianne over silly things such as who's going to draw in the most money for the day, with consequences like the loser having to take the reigns for a whole day of travel. Being an illusionist, Kyle also has a very secretive and mysterious side while working. He is very touchy about his technique, and isn't afraid to bite off the hand of any unfortunate soul who questions his act. His number one pet peeve is arrogance, and is quick to inform someone of their arrogance when it surfaces, although he has an arrogant side himself in regards to his work. Overall, Kyle is a kind and caring person with a soft spot for girls and children. He is usually competitive with other guys, but in a stupid manner like how he is with his sister.

Kianne Seyf - sister
Sienna - friend

Name: Kianne Seyf
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Traveling performer - fortune teller
Kyle Seyf - brother
Sienna - friend

Name: Sienna
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Occupation: None
Appearance: (Do remember it's a small farming town in the middle of absolute nowhere. The hottest trends aren't exactly going to be everywhere)
Kyle Seyf - "big brother"
Kianne Seyf - "big sister"

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