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Name: Korin

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Occupation: Chef

Appearance: Korin stands at 179 centimetres and weighs an approximate of 67 kilograms. He is tall but also lean, and has small areas of built up muscle across his arms, chest, and legs. The contour of his face represents an ellipse at best, but is also rounded across the jaw line, giving his face a sturdier look. His eyes are large and are of a full brown colour. His nose is thin along the bridge and becomes rounded across each nostril. Each ear is curved almost straight back but is lifted up from the sides of his head, in proportion to the other details of his face. These are also partially covered by his black messy hair.

Korin’s hair is of a very dark colour and covers the majority of his head, to the point of being long enough to frame his face. Each fringe in his hair derives from the top of his head in a counter clockwise rotation. However, being messy and extremely unmanageable, it is often hard to tell. The direction of his hair differs across each side but covers his head appropriately to not looking obscure. The colour of his hair is an extremely dark brown, thus appearing black from a distance.

His attire consists of simple clothing that is suiting for the kitchen of a restaurant but can also be worn on other occasions outside of work. He adopts such clothing solely on the fact of caring little about his appearances and has no need to stand out. Clothing that is comfortable but also presentable (to some extent) is Korin’s only rule when it comes to appearances.

On this notion, Korin dresses himself accordingly in a both casual but professional manner. Firstly, he adorns a long-sleeved white collar button shirt over his torso and has each sleeve rolled up to behind his elbows. The collar is left unbuttoned to allow some breathing space around his chest and neck. A loose white undershirt also covers his torso underneath his collar. Both shirts are tucked into a pair of long grey trousers, tied across the waist with a traditional silver buckle belt. The belt leather is of a black colour and is only loosely worn. Korin’s trousers are long and loose down each leg, reaching just above his ankles and rests on the holes of his shoes. The waist of his trousers however, is fairly tight and can support itself without the assistance of a belt. Beneath each leg sits a pair of white ankle socks and black formal shoes. Both shoes are rounded across the tip and have been worn down considerably. Korin’s lack of care for his appearance is most evident in the condition of these items, but in accordance to his rule, as long as he is comfortable and semi-presentable, he is content with his current image.

Personality: Korin can be considered as any typical twenty-one year old, who has just spent the last fifteen years of his life learning about what he loves. He’s energetic and passionate about what he does and can sometimes be overbearing when he gets carried away. However, these are mere traits of his personality and on the whole, establish his initial attitude. From this, he can, from time to time, adopt sarcasm to respond to those he has a general dislike towards, or to merely tease. He does this all for the fun of the situation and almost always has the best intentions in mind.

Beneath his boisterous but also admirable enthusiasm for his work, Korin can become quite timid when meeting others for the first time. His pride and ego however, tend to get in the way of his true nature and can sometimes cause him to make decisions unfavourable for himself and others, in spite of his level of awareness about the situation. He also has a peculiar habit of admiring every girl and woman in town as a potential partner for himself, and often acts in a way that he believes that will attract their attention, despite the forged personality he may put on. Many of these attempts are light-hearted and are quickly waved off, leaving him in embarrassing and potentially ego-damaging situations.

Following this beneath-the-surface personality, a more humble and caring attitude that Korin is rarely seen displaying in public, does exist and is at most, limited to the confines of his own home and to his immediate family and friends. During the small periods of time where he does lower the façade of who he is, he can become quite serious and much more vulnerable to emotion. He harbours a deep care and kindness towards his sister, but in a different respect, refuses to relate with his parents. This is his true personality and any other emotions or actions he might display in public, are a charade of who he wishes to be.

History: Korin’s upbringing was one of both material privilege and emotional damage. Being the first born, his parents treated his existence in a way more familiar to a mistake, rather than a blessing. During this time, his parents had just begun their first business as co-owners of their own restaurant. Korin was six years old at the time of the restaurant’s opening and soon found himself both serving customers and helping his parents in the kitchen. Despite his efforts, he made many mistakes and was scolded on an almost day-to-day basis. This relationship with his parents lasted for the majority of his childhood, and the longer it continued the more mature and independent he grew.

Because of this, Korin was forced to mature at a much faster rate than other children his age, but found the transition to be much more beneficial for himself in the long run. No longer dependant on his parents, he continued working at his family’s restaurant in order to provide for himself and quickly made it his goal to move out and to start living on his own. He had turned fourteen at this time and would have proceeded with his plan, but another obstacle had gotten into his way.

During the first semester of the first year of the restaurant’s establishment, Korin’s mother Lilia became pregnant, and nine months later, Suen was born. If it had not been for his sister, Korin’s goal to leave and begin his own life would have only proceeded sooner than it inevitably had. Now that his parents had begun making a decent living and were about to begin raising their second child, Korin decided that he wouldn’t allow his sister to be raised in the same manner as he was, and took the initiative in caring for her during the day while his parents worked, thus cutting into his own working time and inevitably his only source of independence; money.

In spite of this however, his parents attitude had become much more accommodating for their daughter who could only rely on them for the necessities, despite Korin’s efforts. This was due to his parents’ restaurant and its quick success. By the second year, his parents had become quite comfortable financially and were able to bring Suen up in an environment, much more privileged than Korin had experienced. During this time, Korin’s treatment remained the same, and his existence was only ever acknowledged during his working at the restaurant.

After turning eighteen, the ill feelings in his relationship with his parents had lessened considerably and because of his loyalty to the family business, despite his true motives, his parents had agreed to support him temporarily while he found a permanent resident to move into. Suen had also grown up, and impartial to either side of the family, remained loyal to both her parents and her brother, supporting both sides whenever necessary.

Relationships: Tuoan (father), Lilia (mother), Suen (sister), Lynn (professional enemy/casual friend)

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