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    Yep, I don't want to call you Asch, because I can't really compare you to Asch, and I can't call you David because I don't know you that well, sooo I'll just call you the name I'll remember you by. If you don't mind.

    Name: Aria Hannara

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Aspiring Author

    Appearance: Aira has a very buisness-like air to herself, which is pretty much the way she is. She could be called pretty in sorts, but isn't one to take the compliment. Her eyes are a bright shade of seagreen, which are even more amplified underneath her black rimmed, slim, square glasses. She has blonde straight hair that could reach to about her waist if she let it out. She usually keeps her hair in a bun in the back of her hair tied by a cerulean blue ribbon, though she has bangs in the front. She's around 5"8 inches and has a slim figure. Do to the fact that she's never done hard labor in her life, she's pretty dainty and has a very lightly tanned complexion. For her outfit, Aria wears a button-down white long sleeved shirt most of the time accompanied with a black bead bracelet on her right hand. She loves to wear denim, and wears a pair of slim-fit blue jeans with black slip-on velvet shoes. When it's hot, she'll change to a short sleeved version of her shirt and denim shorts. When not in use, her favorite black pin is placed between the bun in her hair or behind her right ear.

    Personality: A solid introvert, Aria is just about the opposite of her stepsister. She's not one to carry on a conversation, nor is she one to start one unless there's some meaning to it. She's extremely quiet and focused with whatever task that she has at hand, and she likes to be kept busy. Her reactions are pretty much apathetic on the outside, though she can be pretty kind-hearted at times. She likes to chat about the city and philosophy and occasionally likes to ask people about their life for her future book, which can be pretty unsettlingly direct. She likes to speak in a respectful manner, but at times her answers seem enexpectidly blunt. Any interest in classic literature will start her on a talking frenzy. If you need help with anything though, Aria will always want to, though she'll never say anything for or against it. She's usually either walking around the village for insperation, helping out at the Inn, or sitting in a corner, writing down something for a future book. All in all, she's a quiet and unemotional person that can be reached eventually.

    History: Aria's father remarried a woman from the town when she was tweleve.Her real mother had died due to cancer when she was six, so Aria didn't really want to accept her father with someone else but felt that it was the best thing for her father. Aria graduated from her highschool as validictorian though that was gained by forfeiting any social life she could have had. Before Aria went to college though, her parents recommended that she should spend her last summer with her stepsister in her mother's hometown. Thinking that such a village would be great insperation for some future writing, Aria came to the village to live with her stepsister for the time being in the Inn.

    Relationships: Almond- stepsister

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