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Sorry, I'm in the mood for tragic pasts. :/

Name: Lynn Jozell
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Livestock Dealer

Appearance: With steel blue gray eyes and straw colored hair, Lynn isn’t exactly your number one looker. Her skin is rather pale, and dotted with freckles that are only visible if you really stare and look for them. She keeps her hair short, cut in a plain style which ends at her chin and is cut straight around, parted down the middle with no bangs to call for. When she’s working, Lynn is usually found wearing a pair of washed and slightly worn denim capri’s and a plain bright green ribbed tank top, along with her usual sneakers. However, during events and when she’s simply just walking about, she’ll usually be wearing a purple tank top, identical to her green one except for the color, and a pair of dark denim cargo capri’s overalls, along with a pair of black sporty clogs. She never wears any make-up or jewelry. Though not stick thin, what with constant work with the animal’s, Lynn manages to keep fit and somewhat healthy, even though her diet is unbalanced and rather off.

Personality: Confident and cheerful, Lynn is an independent girl who rather likes the ring of ‘tomboy’. Though in reality, quite a fraidy cat, Lynn seems to be determined to prove otherwise, and thus, rarely turns down a dare unless it threatens her life, something she values above everything else for more then just one reason. Though simple and agreeable on the surface, Lynn is a turmoil underneath, a young girl who has lived by herself for the majority of her life. Extremely sexist, Lynn believes that most men are worthless, and can’t do anything right. However, she hates people who hurt animal’s even more then men, and she is known to turn a bright shade of red, or purple, whenever presented with cooked meat. She has a sort of spacey attitude though, and though has a welcoming disposition, she is usually reluctant to leave her home for festival’s and events.

History: With her mother’s death passing a year after she was born, Lynn was never exposed to feminine things. Her two older brothers and father were all extremely tough and liked to poke fun at her by pointing out that she was a girl and couldn’t even lift a spade. Adventurous and curious, Lynn was always following them around the barn and helping with what she could. Her father’s death came when she was 4, and left with only her brothers, Lynn decided that she needed to help lift the burden. She ate less and worked more, becoming a little unhealthy in the time being. She hid this however, terrified that her brother’s might spend money on medicine. It was tragedy after tragedy, and her older brother, though not oldest, died in a fire accidentally set to the barn while trying to clear out the animal’s. Successful in saving all of them, he lost his life in the process. Now left with only one family member, and only 13 years of age, Lynn became frightened of everything. She still ate less, but no longer helped, terrified of animal’s, terrified of the barn, wrapping blankets around herself to keep warm in winter because fire frightened her to tears.

It took two years for her to get over the third loss, and she practically disappeared during this time. It was only the strangest news that could cheer her up, though at the same time, making her sadder then ever. Her oldest brother announced that he would be going to the city to study, and it was only his excitement which kept Lynn from throwing a fit. He proceeded to show her how to keep the place running, and a year later, left his 15 year old sister to fend for herself. Feeling left behind, Lynn decided to forget she still had an older brother who was alive, and acts as if he never existed. The graves of her ‘only’ family sit near the back of the property in the grazing fields.


Name: Erikkz (Arron) Geote (Almearda)
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Shipper
Appearance: True to his personality, Arron stands at an imposing 6’6”, with heterochromatic eyes, one warm chocolate brown eye, and a very sharp hazel one. His sandy taupe colored hair hangs in his eyes, normally brushed slightly aside with the back of his hair slightly curling up to give it a more layered look when Arron doesn’t dry his hair after showers. Otherwise, it hangs loosely and ends just above the base of his neck, his bangs only ending about two inches above the rest. His features are sharp, and he wears a white square eyepatch over his warm colored brown eye, one with looped straps that wrap around the back of his ears, framing his other eye. With a loose collared long-sleeved shirt that’s too long and gathers on top of his tan khaki cargo shorts, Arron likes to keep his attire simple, usually rolling up the sleeves of his white shirt. With a pair of black flip-flops on his feet, and the occasional thin sweater around his waist, Arron isn’t really a sight to behold from the neck down, with a slender build that is rippled with muscles for lifting shipments. He is slightly tanned, and his skin is just a shade lighter then his shorts.

Personality: Crude and almost never without an irritated expression, Arron appears to rather dislike other people. He’s not particularly social, and only takes part in festival’s because it’s a good chance to bask in how different his life is, and how it’s taken a backseat to everyone else. If there’s nothing in the shipping box when he stops by, Arron always gets annoyed, often snapping at the farmer before leaving. Though he seems to keeps to himself, Arron somehow knows when everything happens, is about to happen, and to exactly whom is involved. Though he only divulges facts he needs to say, the shipper is in on every bit of gossip in town. A seemingly bland person, Arron is quiet and prefers to be in quiet places. Disagreeable, Arron actually finds it rather entertaining when his indifference causes people around him to become angry, and actually tends to make enemies of people he's never even spoken to.

History: Originally from the city, Arron Almearda has never said a word about his past to anyone. Nothing about his doings before he came to town, Arron is sure to keep his history dead silent. In reality, the reason for this is because Arron Almearda never existed anywhere in the city. His real name was Erikkz Geote, a real gentleman. Kind and gentle, Erikkz had friends in every part of the city, known for his generosity. It would not be in accurate to say that he sat comfortably in his father’s shadow. As a powerful CEO, Erikkz had all luxuries to account for. Never without friends, Erikkz put great trust in everyone around him, never thinking that anyone would betray his trust.

But that was far from the case. On the eve of his 16th birthday, Erikkz’s father was arrested on multiple charges, felonies that grew more terrible with each passing revelation. Such a wonderful, kind, and generous fellow. Now shunned and hated, Erikkz’s life fell apart, shattered into pieces as he inherited everything his father left behind in his will when he was sentenced to death. Uninterested in material things, Erikkz spent the next three years slowly tearing down his late father’s empire, changing his outlook on the world entirely. Betrayed by his father, by his trust, and by his friends, Erikkz lost everything all at once. The only way to gain it back was to start over. Changing his name, his appearance, locking himself up, and donning a thorny disposition, Erikkz became Arron, his ideal, a man who would never dream of trust, of kindness, generosity, or happiness in life. Because the ideal was never loved nor ever loved another, the ideal would experience no happiness, nor any hurt. Because there was no such thing as trust, there would be no such thing as betrayal.