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Yaaaay, I told you we should do the HM64 map Davi-kun. ;3

Anyway, I don't think I'll be handing any Relationships to Geote. :< He doesn't socialize nor does he like people. But he's usually found in the inn during the day and the bar during the night, because that's where the most 'city news' passes by. Unless he's at the beach. ;3

As for Lynn... :/ Dunno. Lulz,

Lynn & Korin = Mortal enemies. *shot* [/no cooking animulz plz.]

As for the rest, well. :/ There aren't many people who are apart of the basic occupational flow of Harvest Moon, you know? D: There's no Florist, there's no Carpenter, there's no Mayor, there's no Priest, there's no Tool Shop Owner, there's no Bartender there's no Bakery, etc etc.

:< Are they all going to be NPC's?

And, if this town is dying, and needs tourists, why in good god do we have so many entertainers?