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Actually, I claimed dibs on florist. Meanie mods swiping other people's spots...*Pout* :< But fine, you'll just have to tolerate my character's presence, though, 'cause I'm not giving up both. =O Oh, and I guess I could do the toolshop person, unless someone else is coveting that position too?

Name: Cecil Aegisfield
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Occupation: Florist
Appearance: Pretty much average height-wise, Cecil's body is rather thinly built with long, slender fingers well suited for precision work and long legs which make him look slightly taller than he really is while standing. His skin is fairly light, although his hands usually have a brownish or greenish tinge to them due to his chosen profession. His eyes are light brown, accompanied by a thin pair of horn-rimmed glasses, and usually at least partially obscured by the mop of chestnut-colored hair that occupies the top of his head and his nose is strangely flat at the front, as if it had been broken and then healed in a slightly wrong direction - Cecil himself doesn't wish to comment on this particular feature, however, and besides this particular quality he's pretty average-looking as males in the town go.

When it comes to clothes, Cecil usually wears a shamrock green shirt accompanied by a pair of standard denim color jeans, although these garments are usually covered by a set of worn clothes to protect him the garments from the dirt that is all too often encountered in his profession. His shoes are little more than a pair of worn sneakers, although in the cold seasons he exchanges them for a pair of thick boots and pulls on a warm jacket.

Personality: A bit of a pushover by nature, Cecil has a highly developed sense of guilt which makes him an easy scapegoat for anyone unscrupulous enough to exploit this weakness. He always tries his best to get along with those around him, even if he really hates them, and is usually the first to apologize and start mediations when arguments get out of hand. Cecil is not completely spineless, however, even though his behavior sometimes gives this impression. In matters that are truly important to him, he is persistent and unyielding to the point of obsession, and although he always seems to be happy with a pleasant smile on his face, this is usually because he keeps all other emotions bottled up. To Cecil's mind, his concerns and personal grudges are his business which he shouldn't burden anyone else with. He is, however, something of a busybody; trying to take care of anyone and everyone he cares about, and is actually quite skilled in tending to smaller injuries, although this skill doesn't even compare to his ability to care for plants.

Overall, Cecil is a mellow and agreeable type of person, but on the very rare occasions that he does lose his temper it is best to simply leave him alone, a few hours of gathering his composure usually being all it takes before he comes back with an apology. He's actually quite social and talkative, although he has trouble starting a conversation about most things besides his one true passion in life: flowers. During festivals he can usually be found on the sidelines, enjoying the atmosphere of the event, even though he usually choses not to actively participate.

Somewhat withdrawn by nature, on the times when he's not working at the shop, Cecil can be found strolling around town (usually at a polite distance from most people), lost in his thoughts, or in the surrounding wilderness on one of his many searches for new plant strains to cultivate. During his strolls, he doesn't really avoid the company of others per-say, he simply isn't actively searching for it.

History: It all started as an idyll; the union of the hard-working carpenter and a young woman who had sought to flee the stress of big city life for a more peaceful one in countryside, the few idyllic years spent together with their son and, soon, daughter as well. Unfortunately, few idylls last a lifetime. Five years after Cecil's birth, the relationship between his parents grew increasingly strained. As the conflict escalated, Cecil became increasingly torn in loyalty between his father and mother, both of whom, it seemed, had begun looking at him and his younger sister - Claire - as little more than tugs of war. The boy tried his best to mediate between the two, but it did little but delay the inevitable: a few years later, Cecil's mother simply took her divorce money and left, never to be heard from again, something for which Cecil still blames himself. After the divorce, Cecil's father grew increasingly bitter and introverted, spending less and less time at the shop and more and more at the local bar, soon building up a tab he couldn't manage alone. It's a public secret that it was actually the Aegisfield siblings that kept the family standing for the last few years of Aegisfield senior's life, Claire taking up the carpenter's trade in her father's place while Cecil sought a career of doing what he loved most: tending to plants. Unfortunately, this turn of events did very little for Aegisfield Sr's already wounded pride, and it soon became a regular argument in the household. To his father's mind, Cecil's choice of career was a direct insult to everything he stood for and a betrayal of his old man, while Cecil remained unusually adamant in his decision. The bitter argument never had a proper resolution; Cecil's father died soon after the boy turned seventeen, leaving him with self-blame for life, even as the inheritance of the shop was - by mutual agreement - handed to Claire.

Relationships: Claire - Younger sister

Finish later...sorry, but I've been force-recruited for carrying help. :3 I'll also have the sister's profile up then, so until then: NO CARPENTERS PLEASE. Thank you. ^-^
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