Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Legends (working title)
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Finally managed to start playing some hacks, and Legends 2.5 was one of them. It was preety good because it's already a long hack (with many travels to different zones. I just wonder what are the plans for Sinnoh)

Well, a few things:

If you put some tiles as borders, and when you are making the map you use different tiles that reach those borders, then you'll get that "Trees are out of place" kind of problems. You have to remember that the hero always looks seven tiles ahead for the sides and five tiles ahead for up and down. So, expand your maps so we cannot notice when those problems occur (or, make it so that you always use one kind of tile to "blend" with the border tiles)... Argh, quite complicated what I'm trying to say

I have taken a screenshot of the "guy who wants to be God", it's not a problem of patching, it's just that for some reason, the guy shows up at that place, even when you placed them somewhere else in Advance Map (it's a common problem, you can fix that by using the Hidden atribute, or if you want assigning an already used flag for them)

Then, I have spotted a few scripts errors (not that many, though), the left Rocket blocking the north exit at Cyan City (makes a pokemon cry), the lady outside Cianwood's Gym (seems to want to say something, but then just gives the HM), and a similar problem with Agatha (basically, truncated messages)

Lastly, I think you did a mistake when checking the flag after defeating the Rockets at the Weather Institute, because I haven't beaten the Rockets there and everyone thinks I already did...

Keep it up scompi, you are doing great (and I repeat, I wonder what are your plans for Sinnoh, because so far I didn't recognize a bit of it)