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    Originally Posted by SerenadeDS View Post
    Ah! So are you going to put parts of Hoenn or Kanto for some other areas?
    Hoenn, I highly doubt. Kanto, could, I can't say right now. Hoenn, actually could...Since someone, or some people(other than Brendan), will be in the game.

    BIG HINT, you could call it a spoiler. I guess:

    Everyone thinks Team Rocket's causing the bad weather, but they haven't mentioned anything about it right? And since people are being quiet about accusing Team Rocket, they don't even know that they're being accused. So, Team Rocket might not be behind the weather changes after all, but only they're usual "capture all pokemon...", ideas. They might just turn to help you in the near future. You can't capture all the pokemon in the world if they are dead(because of weather disasters), right? So who else could be behind these horrible weather disasters?

    And thats about it...Whew. Getting interesting?

    Thanks, Scompi.