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Originally Posted by BG pokemon freak View Post
I am not saying that Fufu 3000 is cheating, but I just can't see a way he has 3 legit celebis, a ho-oh AND a lugia, although 2 latias are a decent statement ....
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I got the Celebi from the 10th Anniversary download. I went to Southlake Mall in 2006 on March 10th or 11th, I believe it was. My cousin (Smash Mouth) even went with me. I got the Latios from the Southern Island. Furthermore, I have two different Latios: a shiny one, and a Modest one with flawelss IVs in SAtk, 28 in Speed, and 27 in HP.

I got the Lugia from XD, and I got the Ho-oh from Colosseum. I worked pretty hard for my Ho-oh and Lugia, so I find it rather insulting that you can't see how I got them legitimately. It is common knowledge that you can get Lugia and Ho-oh without going to the events. Did you not consider that when before you jumped to the conclusion that I did not legitmately get my Pokemon?

Oh, and I use the cloning glitch.

Congrats, D_S. I don't know if I congratulated LDD yet, but good job on the shiny Electrike!

Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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