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    Originally Posted by dirk123 View Post
    An Elite 4 with Red(Champion), Gold, Brandon, May and the FR/LG girl(or Crystal) would be hell fun. Since this is AFTER the G/S/C/R/S events. And all of them have become E4 Champions in their respective games.

    Maybe Silver & Green(Gary) as potential last 2 gym leaders.
    That's a great idea. But, won't Red's Pokemon be too strong? Because in G/S/C he had like lv.80 pokemon.

    Originally Posted by Naos View Post
    what i think would be awesome, would be different starters, just to mix things up a bit. like make the starters: beldum, larvitar, and bagon/Dratini
    Well, thats a good point. But(again), you get the national dex after you beat Cianwood Gym. And you only start to meet Johto Pokemon after you get to Johto. So, it wouldn't work out.

    Thanks, Scompi.