Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Legends (working title)
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wow im findin a lot of bugs. if you stand under the sign with the little girl reading it the top of your head disappears

Originally Posted by dirk123 View Post
Thats just you, did you pach it correctly and on a clean rom?
i think so ill try it again

tried it on a new firered rom i downloaded.
The Snes bug is still there. Now yew says the same gibberish in his lab.
The outside world and the bag are really screwed up and if you go in your house you go in through a wall.
finally Sunset peninsula seems to have a solid waall above it cos i can't get through
i don't want to sound like im complaining its just i thought you ought to know all problems.
(p.s its not the Rom it happens on two seperate roms from different sites)