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Originally Posted by TeNk
It's a wonder how evil these anime creators can be. They are brain washing people into a fantasy world that will never come true. I mean, lets just say there's a possibility of a portal dimension opening right in front of your house and Professor Oak comes out and say, Pokemon is real. You are a trainer, go get some pokemon and stop Team Rocket. Get my point here? It's the mental sickness going around you guys, deadlier than AIDS/SARS.
and who are you to judge what is real and what is not?

how can we be so sure that this world is real while Pokemon world is not? Apply what you saw on Matrix (1 or 2) please...

i always wanted Pokemon World to be real... it's an ideal utopia unlike the dytopia (or is it distopia? darn it i'm forgetting all of my vocabs...) we're in now