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Mizuki - I know it's a bit sudden but I changed my character's profession and added a new character.

Name: Katsumi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Rancher; Katsumi raises and breeds livestock and poultry on her farm. She was taught by her grandfather, who once owned the ranch, and so despite her young age, Katsumi is able to run it fairly well.
Ranch Info: Katsumi's ranch is called Fallaron Ranch, and is run by Katsumi, although the townspeople do come occasionally to aid her with the chores. She has 10 cows, 5 sheep, 10 chickens and 5 ducks. She raises and breeds the poultry before selling their offspring and eggs. She raises and breeds the livestock before selling their product and offspring.
Appearance: Although Katsumi often appears beaut-up and exhausted due to her relentless duties at Fallaron Ranch, she still mantains a 'classic beauty' look underneath the scratches and sweat, which she often only shows during formal events and festivals. Her face is smooth and her skintone is quite pale, hindered with scratches that seem to dissapear as time goes by. Her long, wavy golden hair glows luminiously when it isn't restricted in a tight ponytail or bun, which it often is during her work. Her bangs seem to curve around her face, alining it with airy golden strands. Her eyebrows, hidden under her light bangs, are as blonde as her hair, yet they do not fade into her skintone. Her vast, deep eyes are emerald with a touch of lime green. Katsumi is known for her beauty only during formal events. During her regular farming regimen, Katsumi's face is hindered with scratches, hair restricted, and clothes distasteful. Her farmwork clothes are nothing short of simple; a tight, plain white tee (which costantly needs washing), a short, plain black skirt (Not denim. Chosen over pants because it helps her move better), and white sandals (Katsumi is not rich and cannot afford fancy tennis shoes, and prefers them anyway since she hates the feeling of restricted toes). During festivals, Katsumi wears her faded-pink kimono style dress and matching paper parasol; she saved up quite a lot for it, and so she only wears it during formal events.
Personality: Katsumi, although a bit on the shy side, is confident and kind. Despite her constant work duties, she tries very hard to please those around her by helping out in the community and attending festivals. She always says hello to those she knows and greets them with love, but to those who she is not familiar with, Katsumi is shy and standoffish. She adores the little children and the elderly, and takes time off to play with the young kids or spend time chatting with the elders. Katsumi tends to be humble and modest, but inside, she is very proud of her work. She would never intentionally harm another person, although she does stick up for the weak. When one insults or offends Katsumi, she never says anything back; instead she walks off without a word. She greatly dislikes violence and cruelty of any kind. Her ways may tell her to be polite and kind, but when it comes to protecting what she loves, Katsumi is not afraid to fight back.
History: Katsumi was born on Fallaron Ranch and grew up there. Her mother and father loved eachother very much and Katsumi grew up in a loving and stable envioronment until, when Katsumi was merely 6, her mother fell ill. The town did not have the medicine to treat her condition, and so she eventually passed away. Destroyed by the sudden twist of fate, her father fell into depression and later commited suicide. By this time, the orphaned Katsumi was still unable to understand such things, and lived under the impression that they simply died and felt no suffering, and so she never became disturbed. Rather, she kept her feelings of melancholy locked deep within her and tried relentlessly to gain the love of others. Her grandfather took care of her, and since she was growing old and needed to pass the farm down (which had been in their family for years). When she was 8 he began teaching her the ways of ranching, and she excelled rather quickly. At fortueen her grandfather died of old age and Katsumi inherited the ranch. For two years and going she's run the farms alone with the occasionally help of the townspeople. She lives alone in the ranchouse with her dog and cat. She grows herbs merely for the joy of cultivating a plant. Her relative's graves still remain on the farmland.
Relationships: Katsumi's close relatives are deceased. Her distant relatives have no part in the family buisness and live elsewhere, and although they know of Katsumi's existance, they choose not to involve her in their lives.

Name: Kisa
Age: 13
Occupation: Cheif Baker at a small town Bakery; Kisa's Pan-Ya (Bakery). She works there seven days a week, 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM. She seconds as a shopkeeper when there is buisness, but when the shop is empty, she works on the pastries and the other foods she sells. She has a small team of workers that work in the kitchen (back of the shop).
Buisness Info: Kisa's Pan-Ya was originally a run-down abandoned shop in town. Since it was empty, Kisa moved right in and spent several months fixing up the shop. She seperated the main room in 2; the front was the shop and the back was the kitchen. She hired a small team of workers to keep the place going, and although she is usually found in the kitchen cooking up new treats, when there is a customer, she seconds as a shopkeeper.
Appearence: Kisa looks rather ordinary; just a bit 'cuter' than most, but than mainly has to do with her personality. Her hair is chin-length and full of body and bounce; curly black ringlets and huge, bright hazel eyes. Her skin is fairly pale and her nose is dotted with tiny orange freckles. Her head is rather 'short' and small. She's fairly skinny despite constantly 'sampling' her own creations. She wears a very clean white apron with a plain pink long-sleeve shirt dress under it as work clothes. During festivals she wears a little faded violet dress. Her hair, during work, usually just hangs down with no paticular style or is pulled back in a stuby ponytail. During festivals she pulls her hair into a tight bun with a fancy pin or net.
Personality: Kisa acts rather innocently, and is incredibly humble about her work. She often donates her treats as a refreshment at festivals, and so she is reveered as kind and helpful. She giggles sweetly whenever she receives a compliment. People see her as an adorable little kid and, at heart, that is truly who Kisa is. She is well-known by others and is on friendly terms with everyone she meets. However, she is very clever and sneaky.
History: Kisa came from a loving family and once lived in the city until she was ten years of age. She had visited the countryside and wanted to live there very badly. She desprately attempted to convince her parents to move but her tries were to no avail. Enraged, pleading and desperate Kisa formed a flawless plain to run away. She chose the town (here) as her location, as it was far away. With full knowledge of the chances of her plan failing despite its perfect composition, she carried it out and ended up succeeding. Although she lost quite a bit in the proccess, she was able to make a life for herself by opening the bakery and living at the inn.
Home: Kisa lives at the Inn.
Relationships: N/A

Katsumi's Sample-Post

Dawn's feeble light graced the snow dusted farmland of Fallaron Ranch, shedding light on the vast pastures and the cows grazing within them. The ducks plopped joyfully into the pond, dazzled by the shimmering affect of the new morning. Another frigid winter had embraced the land, casting a white veil over the Ranch's many barns and polutry sheds. Inside the quaint little ranchouse, Katsumi was just awakening. Her tired eyes adjusted to the luminious rays of sunlight as she dressed quickly in her workclothes and headed out. Breakfast and other matters would come later; she'd gotten a late start that day. Katsumi jogged west twoards the widespread pasture and jumped the stone fence with ease. Her livestock rose their heads momentairily to look, then, uninterested, turned away. As she made her way twoards the center of the feild, she patted them absent mindedly. Her tools were lying in a small box in the centeral area of the pasture. She extracted each one, shoved her hands into the leather gloves, and turned her attention to the closest cow. "No running away this time, alright, Azumi," she said assertively and began brushing and milking the aggitated cow, who cooperated dispite her discomfort. The sun rose higher as Katsumi sent from cow to cow, gathering their milk and brushing them. By 1 PM she was finished with the work, haven cleaned every cow and sheep and shorn/milked every sheep and cow. She wiped the trickling sweat from her damp forehead with a loose rag and put the tools away, heading for the ranchouse. She grabbed a quick snack and left promtly. As she headed over to the eastern side, which held the barns and a few crops, she thought to herself, "It's winter and, with anymore snowfall, the grass will become completely covered in snow. The cows, stingy as they are, will refuse to it..I should lead them into the barn tomorrow and start feeding them fodder." The ducks were squaking peacefully, hopping in and out of the pond. Her chickens plucked at the white veil shrouding the grass, hoping to uncover a seed or two for lunch. "And these birds..During winter, the best they can hope for is a fallen seed or product from the crops. I've been low on money so buying large quantities to support the animals for an entire season seems to be near impossible..Hopefully, during this harsh season, the eggs, wool and milk will be in high demand..And nearby farmers may want a few poultry or livestock," she wispered under her breath, carrying the birds into the birdhouses, sheilding them from the unforgivin weather. She spread out the remaining fodder between them, sighing as she did so. "The cows and sheep can last another day..But not these birds," she said as the last of the feed was tossed into the trough. Katsumi rubbed her sore, tired arms and felt her rucksack. It was bulging with items. She carried on twoards the shipping bin and dumped her efforts into the empty tub. She prayed for her work to pay off. With her remaining money, she scurried off into town and bought a few goods beforing returning to her Ranch and stored everything away in her fridge. "The crops have died and the grass won't return until spring, and on top of that, I'm finished with work..I suppose a deserve a bit of a nap, right?" She said drowsily, eyes flickering, conciousness slipping through her fingers like thin threads...

Kisa's Sample Post Coming Soon
I Know I didn't need to make a sample but I just did. :3
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