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    On Saturday someone on SPPf got a shiny zapdos and completed their 3 bird shiny set. I was inspired to again hunt the birds and try to complete the trio. I had already gotten Zapdos a few months back and had been occasionally Sring for Moltres on my First LG. I wasn't paying too much attention to Articuno who I like better than moltres, mainly because its shiny form always instilled fears that I would accidently SR over it. But I cast that fear aside and started Sring for it in my 2nd LG on Saturday. I played with the volume up as my failsafe against missing it. Then today at 12:35PM I was watching TV and didn't look as I entered the battle with Articuno. The shiny sound rung out, and I literally gasped. Looked at the screen and the snow white wings of a shiny articuno stared back at me.

    Looking at it, I wondered how I could be afraid to miss it since it looked very obvious to me now. The battle was long and hard. My Lapras brought it down to yellow HP with a surf that Critically hit it, making my heart race for a moment thinking the worst. Sent out my shiny nidoqueen and brought it down to red hp before it got KO'd by Ice Beam. Sent it Magneton and paralyzed it. Then the ball chucking began. 24 Ultra balls, 23 great balls and 15 pokeballs failed to catch it. I had no poke balls left except for the Master Ball. No other option left, so I had to use it. It was caught! Nicknamed it "Windchill" My 35th caught shiny :D First shiny in 3rd gen since D/P came out lol. More pics:
    Leaf Green in GBA Slot :o
    Mildly Cool?

    Est. IV's
    HP 2
    At 20
    Def 22
    SpA 4
    SpD 12
    Spd 8

    Mild nature is meh on it and it IV's look terrible, Oh well x__X Woot lol I'm only one away from the bird trio now, Moltres I will seek thee out, you've evaded my grasp for too long! Also still hunting Giratina argh.
    Good luck to everyone on their hunts!
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