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Okay, sorry for the week of absence. I've been totally occupied with my new job, so I haven't had any time for anything. Despite this, I've been slipping in a bit of hunting for Chikorita and Drifloon. I haven't caught any new shinies. If I did, you'd be the first to know.

I gave up on trying to randomly hatch a Bold female Chikorita, and bred with a Bold Ditto. The result is, the female I'm breeding with now has craptastic IVs. I'm still using the male with five max stats (3 flawless IVs) and my Fire Red ID, so I might be able to coax a better Bold female out of it. Having 5 maxed stats, the only one that isn't is its HP, which is kind of the most important for Meganium. I had been using females with flawless HP earlier, and I bred that Ditto with a male with flawless HP, but HP doesn't seem to want to get passed on for some inexplicable reason.

And I just passed 1800 resets with Drifloon, including all weeks.

I've taken some high-res, clear pictures of my shinies using my dad's cam, so they should be up some time.

Lastly, I'm glad it was someone deserving who got Page 500. Those cards are looking funky, Yami. PM me if you don't know what colour comes after orange. :D ("Gold," as all of you call it. I'd say the first colour comes closer to gold. =/)
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