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    Originally Posted by DragonTrainer
    Though I don't believe pokemon are naturally alive, I believe some geneticist will try to make a real pokemon.Then again, I doubt they will waste time trying to make one.
    I'm not sure if a geneticist would actually waste his valuable time making a kids show monster. Although, I do believe if Pokemon had more hits that it already had they would probably have made a large size machine of pokemon. That would probaby cost around 500-1000$. And to answer the question from Frostweaver: I have nothing to say about this one because I don't know what you mean. If you meant that the world we are living in is fake and Pokemon is real and the fact that we don't even know which one is real? Pokemon is a anime, nothing more... Matrix is a movie thats interesting, nothing more... Matrix may apply that kind of theory but the REAL world does not.. I am nobody to judge this but trust me, I can tell the difference between what is real and what is fake.
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