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    Originally Posted by Hanako Tabris View Post
    Yeah, but if you post every two or three days that means that you have three new chapters in a week. And let's say that your readers all have school/work/other activities that keeps them busy during the week. They'll fall behind trying to read all your chapters. It's much easier to post once a week, making sure that the majority of your readers will have a week to read and review.

    Besides, I know many writers who take months to write a chapter. xD Their stories do get pushed down, buried under the new threads, but their readers come back for more. It's worth the wait. Your chapters will have a good quality to them because you can take the time to edit them and possibly improve them based on the reviews of your readers.

    *cough* Ranger O'Brien, I'm waiting for your chapter. >0
    Agreed. Most people that write have to have lives to write characters well, eventually they'll become really flat if they have no real life people and events to use. That said, most people also have other commitments.

    *cough* I just posted it.
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