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    OK, since the thread is just starting I want everyone to have a good look at the First Post, specially the Rules, because they will be important so the thread's cleaner this time.

    So, enough with the "welcome back" posts, and let's get back into business.

    Well, as I haven't been around PC lately, but still I was doing a few things, I have many news to tell, but I'll be saying them little by little.

    I'll start by saying (if you were wandering at youtube you may already know) that I started changing some music (with birthofdna's GSC remixes), so here's the link to the first BGM change I made: link Obviously, I've been doing more changes than just that, but better leave that for when you play the next Beta.

    The next thing is that I've been playing with palettes and tiles a bit more, and I've improved my general mapping, so here you have a screenshot of how things look now:

    Not that convinced of the grass tile I made...
    And, once again, there are more tile changes than just those. But they'll be seen during the next screenshots release.

    More surprises will come (if you've taken a look at the first post, you may also notice them, but I'll talk about them soon)

    About Status: I'm starting with Celadon, but I'm having a hard time because of the tile changes I did have destroyed a big part of it (if you did the Kanto glitch you know what I'm talking about )

    Well, SG is back. Don't forget to read H.Sotomura's Before Playing a Hack if you are new to this patching thing (Don't forget to set the Flash 128k option in Options->Emulator->Save Type, BEFORE you load the rom into the emu for the first time, you need to be able to save properly)
    Also don't forget that all the links in all your banners are outdated now, so they should be updated (you can manually do this if you change the old value it had for this new one: 100537, but I've also updated the HTML codes in the "Bannerland" section), else everyone will be going to the old thread
    The banners I uploaded when the thread started were edited so they don't send you to a place called "CAMBIAR", now they send you to this thread, so use them from now

    I'll be coming later! Follow the rules, don't spam and... be happy! :D

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