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    Originally Posted by Shurikenway View Post
    Awesome video Zel, i like the remix, ahhhhh, so nostalgic.

    BTW hows the sprite coming?
    How's the sprite coming? Well, I recently talked with Marnic, and he's a bit busy. Though he has made a few more pokemon sprites and fixed the new heroes' overworlds. I need to see them yet.

    Originally Posted by Marz View Post
    Wow, so much earlier than I expected! Through talking to you on MSN, it sounded like you needed a real break, but you came through for everyone yet again. Zel, you're amazing, you know that?

    Anyways, huge congratulations on having re-done the entire thread, and by the looks of it, it should keep out at the very least half of those spammers out, but there's always going to be people not having the time to (or so they think) read the first post.

    I realized that that banner I posted up in the last thread is actually pretty bad, so I'll probably be working on a better one, because I really want you to replace that one...

    Anyways, good luck zel, I'm rooting for you and SG 100%! Although, take your time, because the longer you take, the better it'll be, eh? ;D

    [Business talk]

    Zel, those new palettes you got in there look stunning. They're not too off with your custom dark-green palette that basically goes through the whole outdoor game. The flowers look nice, and I see you've added in those cool little flower tiles. Are they animated, like FR's flower tile? I mean, do they move back and forth and whatnot.
    Another question, have you changed the trees at all? They look different. It may just be my memory of Pokemon Eclipse's DP tileset, the trees were different than yours, but still, I can't help think that you've changed your trees, too. Let me know.
    Well, go ahead and make another Banner if you want, Marz. I just happened to run into yours, and I wanted to add it (after all, the banner will be inside that Spoiler, so I will put a few more)

    Those flowers (DP ripped), no, they don't have animation (there are not many tiles with animation, and the flowers that have the animation are still those red ones), I just added them to fill a bit more all the maps.

    And, yes, the trees are different. They are still those DP trees, but I have reduced their sizes from every side this time, that's why it may look a little different. And, it's obvious I also changed their palettes (respecting DP's palettes, while respecting my grass palette ended up as a pretty cool combination )

    Originally Posted by nrox653 View Post
    Hmm... So after a month, Shiny Gold's back, eh?

    BTW, those new tiles you've implemented look great! And I heard the remixed music while browsing on Youtube a few weeks ago, and it sounds pretty good. The only weird thing is that it doesn't quite fit in with the other midis in the 3rd-gen games. Even though it's remixed, they're still the sort of beeps and tones that we had to get used to hearing back in 1st and 2nd gen games... Maybe listen to the music and just entirely make a midi from scratch instead of recording the original tones and edit them a bit?
    Ehhhmm... Well, birthofdna may explain the part of making the midis, I can only say that, once the midi is done, it's all about picking well the instruments and the voicegroups (that's key to avoid those weird sounds that tend to happen when you just pick a voicegroup without taking care of the instruments the midi has - They must match those in the voicegroup), but obviously, if you compare a midi and the rom sound, we have a problem. The same as if you compare the sound Nintendo makes and the one we rom hackers can insert into the game...
    By the way, I'm an amateur at music insertion, but... I promise there are better sounding tracks than that one

    Originally Posted by Went View Post

    Well, the tiles. We will discuss them until the end of the times. The two-little-leafs one is very nice. The new flowers (looks like an old fire flower from Mario Bros, lol) well, can do good. But the little three red and white things... I don't really like it :\ And, um, did you change the main grass tile? I see a bit and it looks different...
    Probably the grass looks different from the impression of comparing it and the trees together (since they use different palettes)
    And the little things? Are just fillers, so it's not like they must be something amazing...

    Originally Posted by Kronos1000 View Post
    You can change the sprites that come out of the Indigo Plateau because they are on the map. (So it could be Mary and Oak, or maybe Carlos?) and I have made a list of the Unzl numbers for the ending graphics, just tell me if you want it.
    I have a few unlz numbers as well. But, since I still don't care about the ending we'll leave that for later.

    Originally Posted by Sinnoh_Freak View Post
    This game is so awsome. I have it on GBA cartridge. I have one question. I am using a brand new laptop with windows vista. I try to access poketronic and it tells me I need a certain program. I downloaded that program and on vista I cannot find the "Run" option... Can you hep me please?
    This doesn't have anything to do with the thread. Sorry.

    Originally Posted by StupidKid27 View Post
    Hello there,

    Two quick glitches, everything else worked fine for me but for some reason the boat won't go to Kanto the second time. I'm on the boat and the sailor keeps saying they'll make an announcement. I've talked to everyone on the boat I could find and nothing seems to happen. Is there something I'm supposed to trigger? Same with the Celebi event, I go into union cave but nothing happens and Kurt doesn't react to the GS Ball at all.

    Great hack so far.
    Yes, go to sleep, a few people already tested it, and after sleeping you must be able to talk with the sailor and he'll let you through.
    Don't forget you need to first go to talk with Elm, then go to Kurt, and as long he's not busy, he'll take the ball.
    This reminds me: don't forget I have uploaded dirk's walkthrough in the "Tourist Center" section in my first post. If you have a gameplay question check the walkthrough first.

    Originally Posted by Necrod View Post
    The new thread looks great. I hope Shiny Gold becomes a much greater game over the days. Is there any way I can help to make additions? I can do anything, make banners, sprite (anything), script, etc.
    If you want to make a banner, go ahead, I'll receive more banners. The rest is already covered, but if I need anything, I'll call for help.

    That's all, by the time I finish this, there were more posts, but I can only reply to what I quoted. Remember: If I'm replying give me some time till I finish, else I could end up missing your post. Thanks!

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