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    Chapter 9- The Decision

    “Now, my precious Aerodactyl, attack those fools!” The evil man said before them.

    The grey, fierce, flying Pokemon screeched, and lowering their heads, charged at Eralynn and all that waited behind her.

    Next to her, Suicune let out a fearsome roar, stepping forward, closer to Aerance and Eralynn. She nearly jumped as it fired its powerful jet of water at one of the two threatening Pokemon. They were very fast, as Eralynn could see when they dodged the water attacks.

    “Aerance, come on, let’s attack!” Eralynn cheered the Ponyta on, despite her fear.

    Aerance whinnied excitedly, kicking her hind legs back. She readied herself, and then shot a blast of fire at one of the large Aerodactyl. This time, it attempted to dodge again, but the fire grazed the very tip of its wing, causing it to scream angrily.

    “Good job!” Eralynn shouted with pride.

    She now noticed that the five men were advancing toward them slowly, carefully. Instinctively, she reached back for her bow and positioned an arrow, ready to fire if need-be. “Do not approach any closer,” she told them sternly.

    Eralynn kept her eyes on the men while the two Aerodactyl swept overhead, trying to grab anyone or anything in their massive claws. The Pokemon and humans below continued to duck, however, and Suicune continued to fire streams of water at the flying beasts.

    “Watch out!” Its deep voice boomed through the tunnel suddenly.

    It leapt through the air, straight over all of the scared, huddled ones once behind it, and shot its blast of water once more while in midair. It made a direct hit with an Aerodactyl, striking it in the face. Through the flying creature’s fury, it stopped flying and shook the water away, obviously very aggravated. It gave another roar, this time concentrating its attack on the powerful Suicune.

    The other, however, was still after the rest of them. Eralynn watched it fly over Landon and Meganium. The grass Pokemon extended its vines, trying to slap it as it flew overhead, but it kept missing.

    Then, an idea came to her. “Hey, Landon! Tell your Meganium to try and stop the Aerodactyl from moving with its vines!” She shouted across the raging battle.

    She still kept her gaze upon the men dressed in cloaks. She didn’t dare look away for a moment, might they come closer if not threatened by a weapon. Despite her concentration, she could still hear Landon agreeing to her suggestion.

    She turned from her stare and fixed her eyes upon Meganium. It was now waiting for an Aerodactyl to fly by, she was sure of it. It swooped down from the air suddenly, grabbing Landon in its talons.

    “No! Landon!” Rhylan yelled. He had now gotten off of Suicune’s back, allowing it to fight the Aerodactly without his weight as a burden.

    Landon was not doomed, though, as Meganium quickly lashed out its vines towards the winged beast, finally able to wrap them around its legs.

    Angry and horrified, the Aerodactyl dropped Landon, and he didn’t have to fall a far distance, as Meganium had been pulling the flying Pokemon closer and closer to the ground. He landed with a thud, but was quickly on his feet again.

    “Good, Meganium,” he said, supporting his companion.

    “Alright, Aerance, now we can really get ‘em,” Eralynn said, ready to take advantage of the fact that the Pokemon was trapped. “Fire away!” She yelled.

    All of them gasped as the Ponyta released the biggest fire attack any of them had ever seen. It had a distinct shape to it: a cross, but with an extra leg. Unable to escape, the Aerodactyl was devoured by the powerful fire attack. Its body burned and damaged, it fell to the ground; at last it had fainted.

    Eralynn sighed with relief, as the cloaked men groaned in anger. But then, she noticed Suicune fighting the other Aerodactyl. It let out a series of water attacks, and the Aerodactyl countered them with an attack that looked like a yellow beam of light, a hyper beam. Both kept missing the other, however, and the pointless, repetitive battle between the two raged on. Suicune used the walls of the tunnel to its advantage, bouncing off the sides with incredible agility. On the other hand, Aerodactyl used its flight to its advantage. The fight seemed futile, but they kept at it.

    Eralynn glanced back at everyone behind her, but still kept her arrow pointed toward the men ahead of her. She needed to get out of this place, although, she knew that she couldn’t just leave Suicune there. It had saved her and Rhylan from imprisonment, and now, she really owed it a favor.

    “Okay, everyone, help Suicune! Attack that Aerodactyl!” She finally yelled to them.

    Behind her, she could hear voices commanding their Pokemon to attack, each with their individual types and special attacks. All of them combined would have to do something to help, she thought.

    “Aerance, blast it with your fire,” she told her friend.

    The Ponyta obeyed, reeling back, and releasing a flame attack at the flying Aerodactyl. Unfortunately, Aerance’s attack missed, but there were many more to come. Eralynn watched in amazement as streams of water, ice, fire, psychic energy, electricity, and hyper beams came from behind her and shot towards the Aerodactyl. The huge, flying beast spun around as it realized nearly all the Pokemon there were attacking it. It nimbly avoided the fierce attacks as they came, though, weaving and swerving through the air in the tunnel.

    Directly underneath it, Suicune realized that it was finally distracted, and attacked. A jet of water slammed into the Aerodactyl’s back, throwing it against the opposite wall of the tunnel. It screamed furiously as it turned around to face its assailant. Eralynn plugged her ears from its scream, and many Pokemon and humans behind her flinched.

    “Again!” Eralynn cried.

    Once more, the attacks flew at the vicious flying Pokemon, all narrowly missing their target. Erlaynn’s focus was now on the Aerodactyl, and she nearly forgot that there were five evil men before her. The one in front crept up to her slowly, hoping she wouldn’t notice his presence. He was in reach of her, now; he could kill her easily. He pulled out his sword and reeled back, ready to strike his young foe.

    Eralynn’s attention was quickly drawn back as she heard the clang of two swords right in front of her. She looked down to see Rhylan, holding his weapon against the unidentified, cloaked man.

    “You get away from us!” Rhylan exclaimed through clenched teeth.

    The other four men attacked, this time, but were met by the tired, formerly imprisoned warriors of Derelon City. They had jumped off their Pokemon and ran to meet their enemies. Eralynn stayed upon Aerance, though, as she fired blasts of flame at the Aerodactyl, which was still battling with all its might. Suicune helped defend Aerance and Eralynn, leaping in front of them to shoot it with more water attacks. Eralynn listened to the clashing of weapons next to her, unsure of how she should be fighting. She could only watch, as Suicune and Aerance combined their powers, sending a swirl of fire and water at the large, flying creature. It hit the tired Pokemon in the center of its chest, and it fell to the floor of the tunnel, fainted.

    Triumphant, the three turned to look at the fight between the men. Rhylan was holding one of them off decently, but he was still getting tired. As for the rest of them, it seemed hopeless. They were exhausted, and all the strokes of their swords were done with the last of their strength. They were hardly able to defend themselves.

    Through the crowd, Eralynn spotted Landon fighting one of the men alone. He countered the man’s moves well, blocking his attacks, but eventually, he fell to the ground, weak from hunger. The cloaked one raised his sword to stab the defenseless Landon, but Eralynn would not have it. She pulled an arrow back with her bow and shot. The man’s sword dropped to the ground as the shoulder of his cloak was pinned to the wall by the sharp arrow. The girl felt relief surge through her, and she shot another arrow, pinning his other shoulder back. He was the prisoner, now.

    “One down, four to go,” she murmured to herself. “Do not kill them, but try to trap them!” She shouted to the warriors.

    Rhylan was nearest to her, and she watched as he feinted and jabbed with his sword, finally grazing his challenger’s abdomen. The cloaked man dropped his weapon, clutched his gut in agony, and dropped to the ground.

    “Call your men off, or I’ll finish you,” Rhylan spoke ruthlessly.

    The man on the floor trembled, holding his stomach and looking up at the boy who threatened his very life. Eralynn could now see his face somewhat clearly. He had deep, hollow, black eyes, and a dark beard. His expression was of anger, frustration, and terror. For a short while, he did not speak, deep in thought.

    “Stop… Stop the attack!” He called out, after hesitating much.

    Eralynn had admired Rhylan’s idea. He somehow knew that the man would be selfish enough not to risk his own life, and now they could be free. Rhylan poked the sitting man, causing him to arise from his position. He forced him back to the other side of the tunnel, to where the group of warriors had come from.

    “Now, make them all come to you,” Rhylan ordered the wounded one.

    He nodded hastily. “Come over here, with me,” he stuttered, but they still followed his orders. All except the one pinned to the side of the tunnel.

    “You will remain here until we have all exited the mountain,” Eralynn mandated. “Not one of you is to move until we are all guaranteed our safety out of this place.”

    “But… how will we make them stay if we’re running out?” Rhylan turned to ask her.

    He was right. They could just start chasing them as soon as they were out of sight. Eralynn scratched her head at the reminder of the flaw in her plan.

    “I will stay here with them,” Suicune said suddenly, its deep voice reverberating.

    “No, Suicune, I cannot ask you to do that. It would be too dangerous for you,” Eralynn replied, trying to stop it.

    “I disagree,” it responded, eying the two injured men and the three other, tired ones. “I can handle them just fine. Now, go.”


    “I said GO!” It shouted at her, making her jump.

    Eralynn grabbed Aerance’s reigns and they whirled around, ready to run in the opposite direction. She noticed that Rhylan was the only one that didn’t have a Pokemon with him, so she grabbed him and pulled him up onto Aerance’s back, behind her. She beckoned to the rest of them to follow her, and Aerance galloped away. Eralynn couldn’t help but steal a glance back at Suicune, who still cornered the four men. She forced herself to move onward, despite her worry for the Pokemon.

    They all headed down the long, vast tunnel aimlessly. The only goal they were sure of was escaping the mountain, but the way, they didn’t know. Eralynn just kept going straight, hoping desperately to find some kind of exit.

    She listened as the pounding of Aerance’s hooves began to slow, and her vision began to blur. Time seemed to fade and the space around her left her alone. She was by herself, now, watching something- listening to someone. Her heartbeat sounded in her ears as something, or someone, called to her through the darkness that now lay ahead.

    The twists and turns that were before her were suddenly clear, as if she’d been here before or known about it her whole life. She could see the way out.

    “Go back and lead them,” a soft, beautiful voice whispered in her mind.

    Then, as quickly as the vision had come, it was gone. Reality seemed to whip back at her as the tunnel, the people, the Pokemon, and the sounds around her seemed to flood her mind again. She was back.

    “Where are we going?!” Rhylan shouted from behind her.

    She turned her head to see his confused expression. Perhaps he had noticed that she was acting funny a moment ago.

    “I know, now!” She said, so that everyone else could hear her, as well.

    Rhylan was utterly bewildered, but Eralynn turned around to face front, unwilling to explain the situation any further than she had. It wasn’t as if he was the most understanding person, anyway.

    Aerance now ran at a full gallop through the mountain, hoping that the other Pokemon would be able to keep up well enough. She came to a fork in the tunnel, but Eralynn quickly directed her to keep going and take a left. After giving her a strange look, Aerance listened, and moved the way she was told.

    They ran this way for a long time. Eralynn seemed so sure of where they were going, but Rhylan and Aerance could not help but doubt her knowledge of the enemy’s base. As for those following them, they were far too tired to bring up their concern. They merely traveled behind them, trusting that Eralynn knew the way.

    Eventually, they came to a steep rise that led straight up to a brilliant white light. It was a small, square opening, and the tunnel looked narrow, but it seemed it was the only option they had.

    Rhylan gasped as he realized that Eralynn had indeed known the way out. The others seemed surprised, also. Aerance merely snorted in disbelief, amazed with her friend.

    “Let’s go,” Eralynn exclaimed triumphantly, and they all followed as Aerance sped up the slope and headed straight for the exit.

    They burst through the small doorway, and immediately, Eralynn found herself squinting from the sudden sunlight that surrounded them. She could barely see, but was enthralled, nonetheless, for breaking through the opening. She sighed with relief, but then, she felt Aerance struggling beneath her. She looked down to see that the flame horse had nearly plummeted off of the mountain’s path, and was now pulling herself back further away from the edge. Eralynn swallowed as she saw smaller rocks roll off the edge and fall nearly forty feet to the bottom.

    “Hey, there they are, Max!” An angry voice came from their left.

    Eralynn looked to see two guards standing at the exit, staring at them and frowning. She didn’t count on there being guards outside of the mountain, too, and a wave of panic rushed over her.

    “Sick ‘em, Mightyena!” The other commanded.

    Eralynn’s eyes widened as she searched her mind for a solution. The only thing she could come up with was to run, and they did just that. She went ahead of the other humans and their Pokemon, trying to make them all run faster down the thin mountain path, but the Mightyena were much more agile, not having a human to wear them down.

    To Eralynn’s horror, she could hear the wolf Pokemon running close behind, snapping and snarling at the group of fleeing warriors.

    “Alright, we’re going to stop, so everyone, go around me,” she instructed, having to yell back at them.

    Soon, she pulled Aerance’s reigns, causing her to stop, her hooves skidding along the dirt-covered mountain road. The other Pokemon kept running around her, but only two could fit on the width of the path, making them passing her a bit slowly. As soon as they had all run by, Aerance turned to face the wolf Pokemon, who stopped in alarm.

    There were eight of them. They stood crouched down, biting at the air and barking wildly. The one in front, Eralynn presumed, was their leader. He was much larger than a normal Mightyena. His teeth and claws were sharper and longer, and the hair on his back stood higher than that of any other’s there. He was indeed intimidating, and Eralynn already felt fear passing through her as she stared at him.

    “Back away from us and let us go!” Eralynn yelled, despite the terror she felt inside of her.

    The leading Mightyena only gave a wicked smile, penetrating all of her courage with its gaze. She cleared her throat nervously, now fully aware of what she must do. Battle.

    “Aerance, attack them!” She screamed.

    The attacks from both sides seemed to occur simultaneously. Aerance opened her jaws and sent a blast of fire at the group of angry Mightyena in front of her, and the Mightyena Leader lunged viciously for her throat in return. Startled by his suddenness, Aerance cut off her attack and dodged his bite. The fire only grazed the rest of the pack of wolves, and the Mightyena Leader barely missed his target.

    Eralynn became immediately worried. How did she expect her Ponyta to take on eight Mightyena? And plus, this one that had just attacked seemed so much stronger than the rest. Its bite could’ve possibly been fatal. Eralynn winced at the thought of her best friend getting hurt because of her. She would never get over that if it happened.

    “Back up, Aerance. I don’t want you getting hurt,” Eralynn yelled in a panic.

    She did not listen, however, and stomped her hooves against the dusty floor of the mountain lane. The attack caused the large Mightyena to back away slowly, cautiously, but Eralynn could tell that he wasn’t done trying to hurt Aerance. He gave a low growl as he glared at the three. Only then did Aerance listen to Eralynn and back away.

    The largest Mightyena gave a quick gesture to the others. He threw his head backwards, then forwards, in a swift motion, and they charged. Eralynn and Rhylan both screamed, and Aerance whinnied, throwing her front hooves into the air in a fright. All Mightyena attacked, then, from all sides and angles.

    “There’s no hope for us,” Eralynn thought gravely to herself.

    She felt the powerful jaws of a Mightyena clamping around her forearm, and she screamed in pain. Behind her, Rhylan was kicking and punching them away. When he noticed that Eralynn was being attacked by one of them, he kicked it in the stomach, forcing it to let go. It fell and hit the ground, moaning unhappily. Eralynn grasped her arm in anguish, but then, she realized that she wasn’t the one that was truly in trouble.

    She was suddenly taken aback when she saw the Mightyena attacking Aerance. One had taken hold of her front leg, even while she tried her best to kick it away. Another was attacking her from the back, avoiding her kicking and tackling her. Yet another attacked her from the side, repetitively using quick attacks upon her flank. The largest Mightyena, though, simply stood at her front and sneered, watching happily as his evil companions ripped her apart.

    After fighting back enough, Aerance was unable to block a critical bite attack from one of the wolf Pokemon. It had taken hold of her upper leg, and her weight gave way, causing her to topple to the ground. Eralynn and Rhylan barely made it off of her as she landed on her side. They stood up against the wall of the mountain, with Aerance lying in front of them. Eralynn was desperate to protect the fire horse, and she tried to jump in front of her, but Rhylan caught her by the shoulder, pulling her back.

    The leader of the Mightyena was completely willing to take advantage of the fact that Aerance was vulnerable. His lips curled back as he sneered and growled at her. Fangs bared, he leapt straight for her neck. He opened his jaws and-

    A deafening, thunderous roar came from the exit of the mountainside. Eralynn plugged her ears and squinted in discomfort. She saw the large Mightyena drop to the ground just before he had the chance to kill Aerance. He, too, was covering his ears with his paws. However, he did not look annoyed or bothered, but frightened by the booming roar.

    Eralynn looked up the slope and her heart leapt. The magnificent figure of Suicune stood atop the mountain path, which looked even more charming in the sunlight. The blue of its coat gleamed, and the purple main flowed elegantly in the wind. Eralynn stared in awe at the noble creature.

    It jumped down to where Rhylan and Eralynn stood, and where Aerance laid. It shoved itself between Aerance and the ruthless Mightyena, and quickly shot him with a powerful water gun, sending him flying towards the edge of the path. He just barely held on to the brink of life, now, for he held only to the mountain path with his front paws. He clawed and scrambled to pull himself up, but to no avail. He was clinging for his life, and Suicune was readying himself to finish the wolf off with another water attack.

    “No! Suicune, no… Please, don’t kill him,” Eralynn whispered, feeling pity for the dark Pokemon.

    “And why shouldn’t I?” Suicune shouted furiously at her.

    “It’s not his fault that he’s bad,” she stated kindly. “These people taught him to be like that, they raised all of their Pokemon to be evil, and they deserve our mercy, at least.”

    “Ugh…” Suicune muttered, frustrated. It seemed to consider for a while whether or not she was right, but it must’ve eventually agreed with her, because it decided to let the Mightyena live.

    Eralynn and Rhylan helped Aerance get up, since she had difficulty, due to the pain in her leg. Just then, they noticed that there were still Mightyena scattered about the path, ready for another assault on the trio, now a foursome, thanks to Suicune.

    “Oh no, what should we do?” Eralynn asked all of them.

    “I’m… not sure,” Rhylan replied sadly.

    “Plug your ears,” Suicune ordered.

    “Plug my- AHHH!” Eralynn’s question was interrupted as Suicune let out another vicious roar, causing her to scream from witnessing the attack so close-range.

    The rest of the Mightyena trembled in fear for a moment, and then sped away, down the road which wrapped around the mountain. Their heels kicked up dust, leaving a small cloud behind them. Meanwhile, the larger Mightyena had managed to pull himself up, but did not dare mess with Suicune. It trotted away, up the slope, back to its masters, with its tail between its legs. It whimpered in its shame, and they all watched as it went out of their view.

    Suicune turned to look at the three, and then motioned for them to start moving. Eralynn walked at Aerance’s side, helping the injured pony walk down the narrow path. Rhylan walked in front of them, next to Suicune. Their altitude was practically nothing compared to the actual height of the mountain, so the journey was not as bad as it would’ve been. If they had come out of one of the upper exits, they would’ve been a few hundred feet up, near the very top.

    Over all, the path was quite smooth, and Aerance was especially grateful for that. She had to make a couple of painful leaps where there was a gap in the road, but other than that, all they encountered were small rocks and pebbles.

    They reached the bottom, which led directly to the plains below. They kept walking and walking, and Eralynn could finally feel freedom and hope. They would be okay, now. But, she was still rather worried about Aerance’s wounds. They seemed very serious, and she wasn’t sure how much she could help her best friend.

    They traveled the fastest they could to the forest that lay beyond. They came to the conclusion that they would be much safer under the cover of the trees than out in the open grassland. Apparently, their friends had come up with the same idea. As soon as they entered the woods, Landon came out from hiding behind a tree to let the four know that the rest were all there, too. He had supposedly served as a lookout for them while they rested.

    The four of them followed Landon to where the tired warriors were resting. They were all lying by a thick grouping of trees, and were well hidden. The humans had their backs up against the trees, some of them sound asleep. The Pokemon were also exhausted from all that had happened, and many of them rested on the forest floor, next to their human companions.

    Eralynn brought Aerance over to them, and allowed her to finally lie down. The flame horse was absolutely relieved, and was very willing to sleep.

    “Rhylan, watch over her, okay? I’m going to go find us some food,” Eralynn said quietly, so as to not disturb those that were asleep.

    She walked through the woods towards a grove of Oran Berry trees that she had spotted when they were walking into the woods earlier. She picked quite a few berries, and began walking back to where all of the warriors were sound asleep.

    She jumped when she noticed something had come up behind her, but sighed thankfully when she noticed the blue, shimmering coat of Suicune.

    “What are you doing awake? Why don’t you sleep, like the others?” She inquired.

    “I wanted to say goodbye to you, Eralynn,” It whispered gravely.

    “Do you really have to go, though?” Her voice echoed in the stillness.

    “I do. I must attend to my duties… But I wanted to thank you,” it told her.

    “Thank me? For what, though?” She was confused by the creature’s gratitude, when it was actually Suicune that had helped Eralynn so much.

    “You made me realize that there is still good in this world. You showed mercy for an enemy, and that showed me how kind a human can really be. Thank you… for reminding me, Eralynn. I am glad that I could’ve been of service to you,” Suicune replied.

    Eralynn watched as it leapt through the trees, farther and farther away, until she could no longer see the glistening blue fur any longer. She sighed sadly at the parting of such a brave, wonderful Pokemon.

    “Goodbye…” she whispered through the trees.

    She returned to where everyone was resting and smiled when she noticed that Aerance was resting her head upon Rhylan’s lap. The boy had his back against a tree, and was snoring.

    She decided it’d be best if she did the same. She sat down close by, and shortly, she fell asleep. She dreamt of returning to Derelon City, and how her father would react. She knew that it wouldn’t be a pleasant reaction, and she suddenly wasn’t so sure if she should go back or not…

    * * *

    Eralynn awoke to the sound of Taillow and Pidgey chirping happily amongst the other forest Pokemon. She opened her eyes slowly, adjusting them to the faint sunlight around her. She looked about, and noticed that everyone was already awake. She had assumed last night, before she’d fallen asleep, that she’d be the first to rise, since her and Rhylan were most likely the healthiest of the band.

    She rubbed her eyes and yawned, and saw that Aerance was lying beside her. She stroked her white fur, trying her best not to touch the cuts and bruises that the pony had suffered through the previous day. The kind Pokemon whinnied softly, and lowered her head to the ground.

    Eralynn saw that all the warriors were up and eating, as well. They were stuffing themselves with the Oran Berries she had picked the previous night, and she noticed that there were hardly any left.

    “Hey, you better not eat all of those. Let the Pokemon have some, too,” She said groggily.

    They all jumped at the sound of her voice. Apparently, they hadn’t yet realized she was awake. They were too busy eating to notice.

    “Eh, don’t worry, Miss Grouchy,” Rhylan retorted. “We fed our Pokemon first, then we went and picked more berries for ourselves, so calm down.”

    She sighed at his rudeness and got up, allowing herself to stretch. She ate breakfast with the rest of them, and encouraged Aerance to eat more of the healing berries in order to help her wounds. All the while, she thought about Suicune, and how she would miss it.

    The group of young warriors stayed in the forest all day, mostly resting or talking quietly amongst their friends. They hadn’t had a chance to relax in so long, and they loved that they didn’t have to worry about much, far enough away from the enemy’s hideout. They eventually decided, however, that they would leave at nightfall and head back for Derelon City. By night, none of the evil humans lurking about would be able to see them clearly. And even if they were to run into any dark Pokemon, all of their own Pokemon were strong and nearly back to full health, now. So, they would be no match. They all agreed that this would be best.

    As the sun was setting, all the warriors gathered their Pokemon, and Eralynn did the same. Thanks to the berries, Aerance’s wounds were finally healed, and Eralynn could now ride her once again. She was thankful that she wouldn’t have to travel by foot for the rest of her journey. They all lined up, ready to travel together, and Rhylan climbed up onto Aerance, naturally.

    “Uh… Why can’t you ride with Landon, for once?” She asked him.

    “I didn’t think it bothered you so much,” he scowled, rolling his eyes.

    He hopped down and began walking over to Landon, who was already on his Meganium. After asking him if it was okay, he got on, as well. They all began at a walking pace, which eventually turned into a jog. Eralynn followed them for a very short time, then, she ordered Aerance to begin slowing down. Her hooves hit the ground less frequently, and eventually they were far behind. No one noticed their absence, right away, however.

    “Okay, turn around and we’ll start heading the other way, then,” Eralynn said to Aerance.

    She turned and began to make tracks in the other direction, but was stopped almost immediately.

    “Hey! What are you doing?” Rhylan called from across the plains.

    Eralynn sighed in disappointment. She had hoped very much that no one would notice that she was gone, but there was Rhylan, making it all too blatant for her to hide. The Meganium he was traveling on had now stopped, and he was waving to Eralynn and Aerance in the distance. He jumped off of the grass Pokemon’s back and began to run across the grass toward the girls. He stopped once he reached them, very out of breath.

    “What are you doing?” He asked again.

    Eralynn slapped one hand to her forehead in annoyance. “Listen, I can’t go back there, okay?”

    “What are you talking about? Why not?” He wondered.

    “I… just can’t,” she looked down and to the side with shame. She knew that he wouldn’t believe her even if she told him the truth.

    He growled and shook his head at her. “Well, where do you plan to go?”

    “I’m not sure yet. I just want to stay out here, away from the city for a little longer,” she told him.

    Rhylan looked towards the West, where the sun was still setting. The orange light reflected off of his brown eyes as he squinted, and he let the wind gently blow his short, brown hair back. He was pondering something, and Eralynn already knew that she didn’t want to hear what the stubborn boy had to say.

    “You know… I don’t think you’re smart enough to handle the wilderness on your own. I mean, you’ve lived in Derelon all your life, and it’d be too different for a dumb girl like you,” he explained predictably.

    She blew her hair out of her eyes and stared at him. She somehow knew that he would say she lacked intelligence or that she was only a “stupid girl” or something of that nature.

    “I can handle whatever, whenever,” she told him arrogantly.

    “No, you can’t,” he said sternly. “Now, I’m going with you, until you find whatever you’re looking for, I guess.”

    “Look, I practically led everyone out of that mountain, and you think I can’t handle anything?” She asked.

    “Uh, no, you didn’t. The blue Pokemon was the one that helped us, really,” he corrected her. “So, I don’t care what you say. You need my quick wits and courage around to help.”

    After a moment of hesitation, she finally gave in. “Fine. You can come, but I don’t want you getting in the way of anything,” she demanded.

    “Yeah, I thought so,” he said, pulling the hood of his dark cloak over his head. He turned and waved Landon on, shouting, “We’ll catch up soon!”

    Landon nodded and waved, and the trio watched him and his Meganium ride off and out of sight. They were, once again, alone and separated from the warriors. Eralynn felt sick at the thought of Rhylan still traveling with her, but it got him to be quiet, so that seemed like enough for now.

    The three of them rode off into the darkness, letting the night swallow them. Eralynn knew deep within her soul that there was a mystery that needed to be solved. She badly wanted to know who kept calling her and showing her visions. She also needed to know more about Aerance’s sudden firepower, or had she possessed it all along? She was dying to know more about Derelon City’s prediction, as well. And one thing she was certain of was that she would never find the answers to these questions inside the walls of the city, her home, so she had to keep going… To find the answers to the questions that haunted her, even if it took a lifetime…


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