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    Originally Posted by XD003 View Post
    by the way, will the next version be the final one or the one AFTER this next one?
    No, the plan is: Beta5, up to Fuchsia. Beta6, up to Mt.Silver (thus, the end of the "normal" game) Beta7, all the added extras. Final Release, the free of bugs release. And then, most likely there could be improvment releases, but most likely the Final would be the last.

    Originally Posted by Went View Post
    Well, I have been thinking, and I think I found a way to fixthe Cerulean gym problem with the tiles.
    The solution is expanding the map and making a second gym, and putting a scripted warp in the entrance. If you haven't meet Misty yet (you have to meet the rocket in the gym first), the script warps you to the first gym, with all the water filled with 4's. And, when you meet Misty, the game sends you to the second gym with the trainers. Obviously, the machine part must be in both.
    Yes, it's kinda as I did with Silph. Yes, that can work (as long as people don't mind the door's warp not opening and the warp working automatically, 'cause that's what would happen)
    But, hey! You are getting a scripting mind! XP

    Originally Posted by clonex25 View Post
    Nice work on the music, zel. You have two promising composers there. I'm looking forward fro the next release so that I can listen to the G/S music. I also hope that it jives with the Sevii music in the game.

    Don't worry. I'll pray that you'll find a way to get that random thingy. Otherwise, special events would be nice, for a change.
    Yes, I need to insert a few more tracks that birthofdna sent me. The Sevii music is GS-remixed music that I may or may not use (maybe I should change everything so it sounds everything in the same style)

    martauros: I already have something in mind for the dogs. It's related with the stuff I still don't want to say, so wait till I release that info.

    Well, that's all. Good to see everything's calmer now (or perhaps the mods have been working while I was sleeping? ), anyway, I'll come back later.

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