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    Ok well I was introduced to this game with the pirated version i borrowed froma friend. And I did a bit of research and I love this hack. I can't wait till the b5 comes out cuz i got a pr0 team :D beat shiny gold in 3 days :/ so i need something else to do and I wanan catch all 386 pokemon including the "dum dum dum" legendarys. I got a shiny celebi and shiny ho-oh :D after loads of resets. I just wanna catch mewtwo I was kinda angry to find that the entrance to mewtwo had a block >.> and what about the dragons den is that leading to something special to? with the boulder blocking the path, :/ I can't wait to have some more fun on b5 give me a heads up on when you "expect" it to come out cuz I know it ain't out now I just wanna know how soon i can expect something sweet



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