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    some bugs, hope it helps:

    -the town map... whew, look 4 yourself! XD
    -at the beginning, when (dun remember who) says take this phone, it gives u the vs seeker. dunno if u already know, and if it's ok 4 u i know u'r trying put in the pokegear functions.
    -the script that take the spearow with the mail north of goldenrod and says go to route 31 don't work, or, better, can't find anyone that want a spearow my fault?
    -i downloaded the last version: in the burnt tower there's still the smashing rock. in the "old bugs" you said u removed it. what's the truth?
    -ehr, i met the kurt's evil clone XD
    *can't post url to other sites i haven't 15 posts '*
    www . zshare . net/image/31818270ced35d/
    give him the white apricorn after the slowpoke well, then i came back after HM01 to obtain the charcoal. in this time, i found this. the busy kurtz says go away, the free one if u have apricorns bring them to me, so the ball wasn't ready yet. to you
    -dunno how to evolve onix to steelix EEEEEK! (don't care, don't need an answer )
    -route 39 (moo-moo farm) can't use the bycicle. just add to the bugged place, i know u already notice this kind of bug.
    -maybe u should limit someway the exploration in the cave on route 31, i reached the blackbelt the first time and pokemons at that point are usually lv.10-15 (nosepass lv20). do what u want, if u want to punish the non-flash-yet guys...
    -pika pika-pi? YES/NO XD carino!
    -can't remember anything else, hope being useful

    compliments for ur hack, zel. i named my rival zel in your honor :D so now i fight both CARLOS and ZEL
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