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Correct me if I'm wrong, but will the Viridian City trainer House be back. Obviously it won't have the luxury of taking the trainer's party from mystery gift, but will it hold a few really good trainers that you can battle over and over? (Cal should make an appearance in there if there is a trainer house. He's the one with the Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr)
Also, if I remember correctly, in the Celedon Dept. Store you weren't allowed to buy stones, will this change?
Will the Rocket underground hideout under the game corner still be in there?
Will there be a radio tower in lavender or will it still be a memorial tower?.
what will the new building in vermilion be?
anyway if you get a chance and would like to address these questions feel free, if you would rather let us all figure it out in the next beta (released whenever you decide) thats fine too.
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