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    Welcome to...

    .:: Rated PG-13 ::.

    Genre: Journey/Comedy/Romance/Drama

    This comic is a journey comic. Not a noobish one, but one with violence, drama and romance, more of a teen thing...

    Here's a brief history and backstory. Below are the comics.
    .:: Brief History ::.

    KD was released here and only here at PokéCommunity in November 2005, and lasted to May 2006. There were 105 Comics, 99 of them with 6 panels, the rest with 9 panels in them. Style changed over the months, ranging from character changes and such.

    With better spriting skills and boredom at hand, I decided to resurrect KD here, SPPF and PE2K.

    .::Back Story::.

    Like most journey comics, there was a main character, the region of Kanto, and an evil team. Jay Spencer-Black (Renamed Jay Black for the newer comics) lived in Pallet Town and left from there for his journey, getting his starter after rescuing it from Rocket Syndicate.

    Rocket Syndicate are about the 5th reincartion of the once famous Team Rocket, using Shadow Pokémon as their weapons. Jay's starter was a Shadow Pokémon, but was purified to be used by him...

    RS was taken down when their benefactors, the Shade Syndicate, had enough of Rocket's plans, instead opting to become their own team... an eviler team...

    Currently, Jay is in Cerulean City.

    .:: Comics ::.

    Touch the comic's name to view it...

    Introduction Comics: In these two comics, the backstory mentioned above is shown, and let's new readers in on current events.

    Intro Comic 1: Channel 6 News Report
    Intro Comic 2: Jay Black

    Season 1: Apocalyptic: Jay Black looks for DC, the most feared admin of Rocket Syndicate, who has her own plans...

    Comic 1: Confrontation
    Comic 2: Exploding Mountain
    Comic 3: Vortex
    Comic 4: Shadow
    Comic 5: In The Darkness
    Comic 6: Descent
    Comic 7: Talks Over Breakfast
    Comic 8: Shade Syndicate
    Comic 9: One Week Later
    Comic 10: Beck's Gifts
    Comic 11: Mt Moon Again
    Comic 12: Rivals

    Season 2: Waterworks: - Jay and his friends are in Cerulean City, eager to beat this next leg in their journey...
    Comic 13: Jay Vs Carter
    Comic 14: Elektra Vs Nate
    Comic 15: Cyrus Vs Cal
    Comic 16: Deep Blue
    Comic 17: Waterworks
    Comic 18: Challenge
    Comic 19: Vs Cassy (Part 1)
    Comic 20: Vs Cassy (Part 2)
    Comic 21: Vs Cassy (Part 3)
    Comic 22: No Appeal
    Comic 23: Brandy
    Comic 24: Silas

    Season 3: Blizzard: - Jay heads to Cape Town...
    Comic 25: Take Two
    Comic 26: ASAP
    Comic 27: Step By Step
    Comic 28: Some Sibling
    Comic 29: Eric Summer
    Comic 30: Northbound


    Special Comics:
    Note: These comics are not canon to the storyline so they make NO sense at all!
    Father's Day
    Halloween Special!
    Thanksgiving '07! (Posted three weeks after Thanksgiving '07)

    Character Bios:

    Simple little backstories, that don't go into too much extensive detail as of yet. Enjoy!

    Click the Character portrait to go there.

    Left to Right: Jay, Angel, Cyrus, Elektra, Sam, Carter, Nate and Cal.

    Gym Leader Bios:
    Blacked out means we haven't encountered them as of yet!

    Row 1 L to R: Justin Sands, Jackie Shepard, Cassy Wave (More to come!)

    Misc Stuff:

    Kanto map, based off the cities and stuff on KD, using DP Graphics.

    It only labelled the cities, not the dungeons or Contest Halls.

    Userbars: (Feel free to submit some!)

    Copy the following code in your sig if you support Pokemon KD, and want others to read it:

    HTML Code:
    Credit and Inspiration List:


    Avatar - big thanks to him.
    Spriters Resource
    Pokemon Acanthite
    VG Maps
    Decepticon, TPH, RMM and everybody else who left the forums a while back - so I was inspired enough to start again, just because they weren't posting their awesometacular comics.

    If I forgot anyone, please tell me... I do not want to appear as a sprite thief, just an idiot.

    Remember to post a reply, and more than one quick line please. The more posts I get, the more comics you (The readers) will get. Isn't that good?