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    Originally Posted by MysticManyula View Post
    I think not. But you should patch it into a clean FR Rom again, because if you don't, it may cause bugs.
    If you mean to countune you game, Yes, but instead patch over the same rom just get a new rom and rename your sav file to the same name as the rom

    Originally Posted by Brane View Post
    I have a two questions.

    1. Will mewtwo be added into the game after you collect all badges.
    2. Will you add any extra maps if you have some leftovers?

    The palettes and trees match, I like all the maps and how you edited them . There were only a few glitches when I was playing the game, one was that after I beat team rocket at the slowpoke well I couldn't go to Kurt at all. When I went out of the house and back in the game screen turned black and froze. Dunno if this has happened before.

    Anyway, nice job .
    1. Yes
    2. ask Zel, not my call

    All of the other ShinyGold banners

    I did not make these, but if you want to use them pm me and I'll give you the code.
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