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    I think this might be a good story:
    Teams Rocket, Galaxy, Neo Rocket, the Go-Rock Squad, Cipher, Snagem, Magma and Aqua form an inter-region alliance called The Nebula Group. The Pokemon League has advised nearly every trainer to stop it. The Nebula Group members will use every Legendary Pokemon for their own purposes, and each trainer has to intervene them. You are either a curious boy or girl, who plans on becoming the Pokemon Master. You travel through regions catching Pokemon, and you notice the Nebula Group doing their dirty work again. Will you be able to fight off the Pokemon League and catch all Pokemon, stopping the Nebula Group? Or will you be led by rebellious criminals who are part of the Nebula Group?

    Play to find out!

    Probably the league system will be like this:

    Each champion of the main 4 region's E4 will become the E4 for the whole world so far.
    I guess it could go like this:
    Elite Four Champion Blue
    Elite Four Champion Lance
    Elite Four Champion Steven
    Elite Four Champion Drake
    and lastly... Elite Four Champion Cynthia!

    And for the Gym Leaders...
    I guess it could be like GS... or maybe the Leaders will be grouped by element.

    You will get one of each kind, except for Orre and Fiore. Or you can even get all starters! It could be:
    Kanto Starter: Pikachu
    Johto Starter: Mareep
    Hoenn Starter: Electrike
    Sinnoh Starter: Shinx

    And then you'll manage to get all starters just like in Yellow.

    So whaddya think of my ideas?