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    Originally Posted by zel View Post
    I'll do something to fix the shiny error (though why seems like it doesn't call the setting off of the shiny flag is something really misterious to me... I think I may have an idea of something that could fix it... although, since I never found this problem, I'll not be sure about it)
    maybe u setflag only after the battle, so if you lose it isn't (set? sat? setted? WTF is the past participle XD). some kind of setflag also in the lose battle is possible? dunno. be sure also to check what happen if u ran away (u can, if i remember well)

    also, it's normal u can run away from the electrode in team rocket's hideout in mahogany? (the one u have to shoot off)

    more... ah, may be okay, just know that in the next travel by s.s.aqua, each time u sleep, it says "we'r arrived ecc. ecc.". IMHO it isn't a problem, it's only a second call for late passengers
    and the sailor that send u looking for the other, in the next travels keeps saying "thx guy, ... ... a small girl? maybe she passed ecc. ecc.". that's may need updating

    i pleeeeease you! call a sailor "Popeye" XD
    p.s. i'v had fun (and no problem ) fighting a 60

    It seems that the girl and the Slowpoke (old scripts) are still present somewhere in Cerulean (I've yet to find find them, because the only place I think they are is in a place unreachable with the exception of walk through walls cheats, thus making the bug invalid)
    what's the problem with this? can someone explain? cos in my beta there are a girl and a slowpoke at cerulean, and they'r in front of the PC ?_?
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