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Originally Posted by girifarig View Post
I just wanted to ask a few more things (I know I’m being really annoying, I hope I stop soon)
1.) Will Cinnabar still be intact or destroyed my the volcano?
2.) Will the Viridian gym leader still be Blue?
3.) Will the Safari zone in Fuchsia still be active or closed?
4.) Just a wild guess, but Janine is in for Koga, right?
5.) Can you make it possible to purchase a master ball for 9999 Game coins?

There are a couple of Q’s in the spoiler that could also be suggestions. So feel free to take, ignore, modify, etc. as you wish.


6.) I’m guessing that Red is still going to be the final battle in Mt. Silver, or at least make an appearance somewhere. Is it possible to raise the levels of his Pokèmon by 4 or 5?
7.) I have one final question, but I don’t think I’ll say it hear because I think that if people thought that this was a possibility you would get like tons more pm’s than you get now.
Well even though I'm not Zel (or any part of the staff for that matter), I'll still answer some of your questions for you.

2&3) Yes. These two were talked about in the old thread.
4) Yeah, she's a filler for Koga, just like in the original Gold version.

Hope this helps for until Zel comes to answer all the questions.
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