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    OMNIPOTENT: It's normal that you can run away (in fact, you can run away from any pokemon... including legendaries! Obviously that's not something I'd like to have... But I don't know how to make battles with no run option)

    By the way, I think in the original Gold that Sailor really wasn't updated either... I cannot confirm this anymore, so if there is someone else playing Gold, PM me this information, thanks

    scythemaster: Yes, the old Beta2 ended up at Olivine, and you couldn't enter the Lighthouse or go to Olivine, or go to Route42 (which means no Mahogany and so on)

    Necrod: Don't get Offtopic that often...

    girifarig: Zach answered everything correctly, so the only that needs a small confirmation is that no, I'm not putting a Master Ball as a Game Corner prize (if there are people with a good memory on this community, they may remember that I once spoke about something about the Master Balls, check the old thread if you want to remember XP)

    Well, I did some retouchs on my scripts, fixing stuff that I wanted to perfectionate a little (for example, the disappearance of the ball at the beginning )
    And, I also took care of the Kurt cloning glitch, though all I found is that whenever you gave an Apricorn to Kurt, as soon as you take a step, the clone shows up (I'll update my list so it is not mentioned anymore)

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