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    Originally Posted by LiquidR View Post
    Your right. I totally forgot about that.

    But isn't there a way to bypass it with scripting? I mean, Zel is able to add, for example, the bullet train script into this game. So he might be able to add/change some wild pokémon battles with the trainer limits.

    It's just a theory I have. I really don't have the knowlegde for this act, so i don't know if it's going to work.
    On its own scripting has pretty restrictive limits. The bullet train, correct me if I'm wrong, is just the seagallop scene with changed tiles. I'm guessing that changing a trainer battle could involve ASM hacking which I don't think is apart of Zel's skills list but I guess there is a chance that someone following this hack might have some idea on how to do it.
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