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Originally Posted by Necrod View Post
I can supply you with much better Sprites than the current ones. I'll send them in soon.

EDIT: Here are some things I noticed that are wrong with the game. I'm not a Beta Tester, though, but I like to help:

~1. In New Bark Town, the fat man says "Yo, [PLAYER]!I hear Prof. Elm disoverd some new Pokemon!". Discoverd, it's supposed to be discovered.

~2. In Elm's Pokemon Research Lab, Elm says "It's Intriguing, but were busy with our pokemon research... Wait!". Were, it's supposed to be we're. And pokemon, it's supposed to be Pokemon, with a capital. Also, "could you go in my place", there should be a capital and a period at the end of the sentence. Again, in Elm's lab, he says "Pokemons", but it should be Pokemon's.

~3. Cherrygrove City, a Lass says "He'll put a map of Jhoto on your Pokegear." It is spelled Johto, not Jhoto.

~4. This is the most crucial thing, the Rival is Wally. I'll give you some Sprites.

1 2 and 3: sorry. i'm dislexic.

4. i need tons of sprites including the rivel.