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Pokemon FireRed .Sav [Request]

Please may i have..

Trainer - Ace (Original LOL!)

Where - As near as the start of the game you can get me.

Party -
Blastoise Lvl 81 [Non-Shiny] [Male]
Wailord Lvl 84 [Shiny] [Female]
Golduck Lvl 82 [Non-Shiny] [Male]
Poliwrath Lvl 82 [Shiny] [Male]
Seadra Lvl 83 [Non-Shiny] [Female]
Gyarados Lvl 81 [Shiny] [Female]

Where we off to Lad? (Or Lass ¬_¬)

Capin' Keanan's Wailord

Lvl. 84