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    I came to this thread in search of them, and since I haven't found them, I'll rearched them myself, and now I'll share.
    These pointers are for fire red english (BPRE). Just copy and paste them in pokeroms.ini

    MonsterNames    = &H40FEC
    MonsterBaseStats= &H2547a0
    MonsterDexData  = &H44e850
    With these three you can make baseedit and dexter work. BEWARE! dexter looks glitchy! Height/width and size comparison data looks alright (because evolutions are bigger according to that), but the list and the description are glitchy. Maybe it's coded in another way or something. Anyway, the description pointers can be easily found through the text, and maybe you don't even need to edit them.

    Sorry, I won't look for the ones for fonted or other programs because I'll only use baseedit and dexter. If you want to find them, try like I did: by comparison with ruby. Went to the pointer in ruby, and searched the data there in fire red. Since names, stats, etc are the same, it was easy. I'm not sure it would work for fonts, though, since they're different so they have different width and data. There are also many font sets in fire red.
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