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    Originally Posted by ZoFreX View Post
    Nice gold/silver remake, you going to add any other town from kanto or something into this?
    if you mean is kanto going to be in then only half of it because somthing is going to happen.

    Originally Posted by thethethethe View Post
    Yeh, I looked at the bug, but it worked fine for me. But I got a lot of gibberish when Oak was talking about Gary/Blue.
    that gibberish has somthing to do with the map conections in violet city. if i remove any part of it then violet city gets courpted and i cant add anymore conections. i might be able to do somthing.

    edit: I fixed the giberish and i am going to release a bugfix later today with ruins of alph inclued.

    edit2: I'm starting again so i wont be able to release a bug fix today. i will release it in about 2 days. I'm restarting because everything got courupted again. this time i have all my scripts maps and sprites ready so it should be soon. enjoy this beta thats out and i hope people look forward to this new beta. i'm also thinking about remaking it on emerald but i need more thought. if anyone can give me sugestions that would be great.