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    Originally Posted by pokemon1.0 View Post
    its a secret so i can't say, i stumbled apon it after 48hrs of simultaneos gameing, but lets just say treecko isnt in the wild...
    sorry i dont wanna ruin it for anyone

    but y tell everyone!!!!!!
    now everyones gonna have one sooner or later...*cries*

    secrets should not be revealed, it may spoil a game.. i love this hack and even nintendo wouldnt be able to pull this remake off =]

    ive noticed that if your in kanto and fly to route 4 u end up in blackthorn, if you fly to pallete you end up in new bark, if you fly to the pkmn center near the power plant you end up in mahogany...

    will this be fixed in B5?
    Lol it got deleted anyway

    Anyway the glitch that when that happens is VERY helpful

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