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Originally Posted by Blaziken Trainer View Post
After I beat the Elite 4, and the ending credits show up, the game starts over, and I have nowhere to save. Do you think this is a bad rom?
Right before you begin to even play your game, make sure you have it on Options > Emulator > Save Type > Flash 128K

If you have it on that from the start, before you even play your game, you will be able to save anytime at any point. If you do that, then you will be able to continue onto Kanto after you beat the Elite Four and Lance, etc.
However, unfortunately it will not work if you do it mid game with a .sav file already open, or thats already been played before, so you have to start from the beginning.

I hope this helps with anyone that is having that problem with the game.

Edit: If you did not completely understand it, PM me so I can simplify it down a little more, or record a video.
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