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    *Crosses fingers*

    I'm hoping this thing is still active, 'cause I am an absolute Harvest Moon fanatic and would love to join this. I'm not sure if there's any room left for anyone else. I've read the entire topic and got a pretty good idea of everything, so if you could somehow squeeze me in that would be awesome.

    I've dreamed up this male character who is an astronomer whose "laboratory" sits on top of a small hill with a giant telescope sticking out of the roof. I've also dreamed up this girl who works at and runs a bakery, but it seems that was taken only a few posts ago. Stardust-Kumo, is there any chance that my character could somehow work at your shop?

    Anyway, if it's allowed, I'll edit this with my two sign-ups as soon as I can.
    And that, boys and girls, is my super elbow drop.