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    Originally Posted by Erimgard View Post
    I believe B5 is going to Fuschia City, and the wing is in pewter. therfore, I don't think you can get it.
    Erimgard is correct.

    Originally Posted by BlazikenMaster2000 View Post
    Zel, did you know that if you try to use the bike in Route 39, it won't let you do it, but if you go to Olivine City it works fine.
    Yes, no more Bike problems thing. It is mentioned in the glitches post (because there are a few places where there are problems with the Bike). So, next time a post with a glitch regarding the Bike shows up it should be deleted (I think it already was mentioned a few times in this thread)

    Originally Posted by martauros View Post
    Zel, In Olivine left to port when you are walking behind this grey rock, a wild water pkmn can jumps to you O.o. And in front of ... restaurant( the building looking like bike shop in FR) there isn't any footprints.
    And, I also don't want the tiles errors stuff to be mentioned either. You know me, I'm not interested in fixing them (and they are pretty obvious to notice, so, if it's obvious, think that I just was lazy to fix it... specially when they are tile problems)

    Originally Posted by Kronos1000 View Post
    I just remebered, are you still going to implant the Berry Shop in Kanto? You said so in the old thread, maybe Celadon will be a good place because it's a flower town.
    Yes, Celadon sounds good (because the Celadon in Gold had less interesting buildings than FR), I'll think about it.

    Originally Posted by JoyRide View Post
    Well hes wrong O.O look at the first thread your self. Infact I will even make a video of it
    Joy, my answer will STILL BE the one in this thread's first post. Usually when I release a new Beta I do changes to previous places, repointing maps' offsets and that kind of stuff. So, if people want to have frozen game saves or being trapped in a map I have modified in a new release then go ahead, keep Joy's answer. If you want to play it safely, without risking to have weird stuff, enjoying all the events that you may lose, or may not execute completely or at all, then you will know that the answer is: "No using of older beta saves! No double-patching! Avoid the Walkthrough walls cheat!"
    Seriously, I've been working on the hack for more than a year, and I've met a lot of people who had LOTS of problems, just because they didn't follow this suggestion, and they ended up with lots of glitches who didn't normally occured, thus spaming the thread and wasting my time. We (the ones who want the game to be finished) don't want to be full of useless glitches posts, so next time give me some credit when I say something... "he's wrong"... yeah, sure!

    Let it be a warning, I think people should stop answering for me. Usually there's been a lot of misunderstanding because of that... Sigh...

    [EDIT]: I have made many updates on the Bugs List with all the last informed Bugs (so check it out, and don't post those bugs), I also added a few questions (not that many) to the FAQs.

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