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    Originally Posted by pokeguy12 View Post
    also how long does it take to for the ss aqua to stop? ive been waiting a long time and battled all trainers.....
    You have to go to your cabin and heal your Pokemon by talking to your bed.
    If it is the 1st time, you gotta find the sailor goofing off and find the missing girl. and then you go through more and eventually arrive in Vermilion. (I don't want to ruin any surprises

    For Zel: Since I cant PM you i'm gonna have to post this: For the dissapearing Pokeball, you can pass it off as the Pokemon that was stolen by silver. Also, when do you reccommend me starting a thread for my hack. SHould I do it after I am able to put in 4 screenshots or should i wait till i get done a certain amount of maps. I am almost ready to have 4 screenshots. I already have 2 1/2 done. Twinleaf town, An event at the beginning, and half of Sandgem town.

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